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After An Eruption-Then What?

Posted 4/22/2019 3:03pm by David Zemelsky.

 For as long as I've been doing these letters, it has been my custom to oh and ah over the coming of Spring.  Not going to change that this year.  And why should I.  Spring reminds us that being alive can be all about new beginnings, old and trusted ways of doing things(like growing!) and a general sense of huge gratitude to Nature for not losing its way, inspite  of all the interference from humans (I'm not going to dig too deep in that one right now.  Hopefully, everyone reading this letter believes that climate change is real.  If you don't believe it climate change, I'll try to respectfully respect your position.  It might be hard, though!).   Specifically, this excitement about Spring change is born out of how amazing the formally frozen tomatoes are doing.  Nature has its own system for healing.  And we're seeing their magic at work.  I would estimate that only 2 -5 actually plants will not recover at all from what happened.

Here's a good example of how nicely the tomatoes have recovered! I love tomatoes!

Here's what we have to offer you this week. Mother's Day Hanging Strawberry Baskets.  As mentioned earlier, these are magic plants.  If the person you wish to buy them for is somewhat annoyed (or even worse) with you-giving them one of these plants will guaranteed to put your relationship immediately back on the right track.  On the other hand, if things are fine and you're just trying to be nice to someone, these will more than suffice.  $25 each

Herb Plants: so many to chose from. Parsley, cilantro, thyme, summer savory, genevese basil, holy basil , spicy bush basil,thai basil,chives, rosemary. $5

Tomato Plants! Sun Golds, Juliets, Striped German, Green Moldovan, many large yellow and red heirlooms.  I make a practice of only selling tomatoes that I personally love.  That's my best recommendation.  $5/each

Pepper Plants: only Bells. Orange, Yellow and Red $5/each

We have an infinite amount of radishes, French Breakfast Radish, Rover ( a nice perfectly round red one) and a Japanese offering called Scarlet Long.  None of them are too spicy.  And they're all crisp and snappy. $4/bunch

Salad Greens- with 4 different kind of wonderful lettuces, both red and green, red russian kale, asian greens, tokyo bekana $6/bag

Arugula- really nice stuff $6/bag

Braising Greens- Big Sale!  We're chock full!  With either spicy or non spicy. Mizuna, kale, chinese cabbage, mustard  $6/bag, but twice the weight!

Pak Choi, Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana  $4/bunch

Spinach-On sale, too.  $6/ for a double bag

Cilantro Bunches- $4/bunch

To be boring-orders to me by 8AM Friday.  Orders will have your name on it, in the shed after 2pm on Friday.

I hope you see something that you like.  Please, just email your orders and we'll arrange delivery for you.

Have a great week.