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Do You Hear Spring Erupting?

Posted 4/17/2019 9:18am by David Zemelsky.


In the subject line, I really wanted to use the word "exploding".  It just seems in these times of international violence that we should tread lightly on using such a word.  What I'm trying to get across though is obvious.  Almost minute to minute, the season is changing. New greens coming out of the ground and amazing buds on all the trees.  Just drive along any road and take in the suttle red haze on the very common red maples.  All of this to me an an ominous way, "the system (nature) still works".  And still, its hard to understand why after all the abuse that humankind has bestowed on the planet.  It would be great if the next sentence was a perfect solution for helping to save the planet.  I don't own such a sentence.  And yet, that doesn't stop me from cutting down on plastic, biking rather than driving and paying attention to what will help.  What will (can) we all do.  As Helen Keller once said: "Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much!"

There's so much this week.  Not just in terms of vegetables in the ground, but now, starting plants from the nursery.  Here goes:

In the nursery there's herbs, vegetables and Hanging Strawberry Plants.  The strawberry plants will produce the most delicious and aromatic strawberries you could ever imagine.  And they keep producing all season, too.  As a Mother's Day gift there 's no match.  This is simply your homerun solution about what to get.  If the person you're thinking of and you have some kind of a roadblock-this plant will fix it instantly.  I personally guarantee it!  And for those of you who are not experiencing any kind of roadblocks,  this plant will keep the road clear forever! Right.  Not just for Mother's Day, but the next 365 days.  Granted, this is quite a claim, but I've seen it over and over.  Done deal.  $25

Herbs: All $5/pot

Compact Genevese Basil- genevese is the basil that is most requested by chefs.  This particular variety is well suited for a pot on the back door or deck.  Doesn't need to be in the ground.  Will keep going for a long time, as you prune it.

Cilantro and Parsley-very happy alone or apart

Rosemary, Summer Savory,Thyme,Sage

Its a tad early to  put your tomatoes in.  However, its not too early to think about it!  We have a huge selection for you.  All Certified Organic.  There's some of my regulars like Sun Gold, Juliet and Paul Robeson.  But many others, too.  I'm going to create a small brochure on the website so you can see what we're talking about.  My past experience tells me that we grow a really great tomato plant based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback that I always get.  So before you buy those Big Girls and Boys at Agway,  think of us first.

In the world of flowers, we have miniature sunflowers (Firecracker,Teddy Bear and Sunny Smile) and Hanging Nasturium Plants.

In the world of greens, lets start with the braising greens.

Tokyo Bekana-a fresh chinese cabbage with unusually crunchy, and delicous leaves  $6/bag

A mix of mizuna,spicy mustards, chard, tatzoi  $6/bag

Red Russian Kale- $6/bag

Salad Greens- with claytonia (almost its last week), minutina,lettuce, mizuna,kale, red choi.  This is truly an epic mix $6/bag

Arugula- top of our game this week.  $6/bag

Radishes and Hakeuri Turnips  $4/bunch.  Crunchy (times 10!)

Claytonia-possibly last week for this Winter Warrior.  The plant now has a very small and edible white flower.  This is also the signal that the life cycle is spinning to a close $6/bag

Spinach- tasty tasty as ever.  But over run with so much.  two $6/bag for the price of one!

As usual, send me your orders by 8AM Friday.  Your order will be waiting for you in our shed at 54 Fowler Ave after 2PM.  Bring exact change or a check

Have a great week.