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Lucky Me /Lucky Star LIght

Posted 4/8/2019 1:47pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear People Whom I Love To Write To Every Week

Some of you are in a position to have to "judge" the people around you in how they're doing their job.   It may not be the best part of the work, but it is necessary.  Certainly, I've had to do that over the past twenty years.  All and all, the people who have come to work at Star Light have been at the very least "really good".  And sometimes they've been better than that by a long shot.  Once, there was a dud of an employee-or maybe twice.  I forget.  Some have gone on to start their own farms, which is also kind of cool.  Everyone of them was hired by me, which means that my track record for judging how someone will work out is pretty ok.  Where I'm heading with this is to share my wonderful experience working with Jen and Joel. 

First thing you need to know.  They work hard.  Real hard. And with passion and enthusiasm, too.

Second thing.  They've recently shared with me that they're engaged!  That's pretty cool, too.  Don't worry.  I checked with them first before making a public announcement about it.  They met because they're both in the farming community, which is a small small world.

Best of all. Besides working hard, they're learning so much about farming and asking all the right questions.  In farming, the answer is always right in front of you, you just need to know how to read it.  And they do.

And then best of all beyond the "best of all" that I just mentioned.  They think of this as their farm.  When you talk to either one of them, you get a real sense of ownership.  All of this translates to even better and more exciting varieties of Star Light food.  Some of you already get it.

This week are choices have expended again.

Potatoes- $3/lb except if you order 10 or more lbs, then the price changes to $2/lb

Hanging  Strawberry Baskets for Mother's Day.  You'll be glad if you buy one.  They are so definitely the right thing to buy for Mother's Day.  The other day, I bumped into one of my neighbors who bought a basket from us several years ago.  They told me that their strawberry plants are still alive and produces amazing berries. Something to consider-$25

Salad Green- now more than ever, beautiful Garrisoon, Red Leaf and Outredieous lettuce in our mix.  Also Red Russian Kale, Claytonia, Tatzoi, Mizuna. $6/bag

Arugula- $6/bag We're now 2 weeks into this year's crop.  Such a pleasure. Beautiful leaves and a snappy taste.

Radishes- I'll cook dinner for you for a week, if you don't find these radishes the best ever.  $4/bunch

Hakeuri Turnips-same offer! $4/bunch

Spinach- half price sale again.  Full spinach taste for salads, soups and stir fries.  $5.50/lb

Braising Greens- with hot spicy mustard, kale, tokyo bekana $6/bag

Pak Choi- I love pak choi.  $4/bunch

Claytonia- our Winter favorite is going to be done in another 1-2 weeks.  Still tender, beautiful and delicious. $6/bag

Garrison Lettuce Heads.- we're going to try something new.  They aren't really heads.  More like several small heads banded together with a rubber band.  It'll be fun. $3/"head"

Tokyo Bekana- light and crisp and having a flavor that has always come out on top.  $4/bunch

In looking ahead.  We've got tons of herbs, tomato plants, flower starts.  All magnificent and certified organic.  Keep watching for what's available in the next week or two.  In the meantime, you can get out in your gardens and get the soil ready for these new members of your family.

CSA is waiting for you.  Totally flexible terms.  You'll only get what you want and at a discount.  If you're away for a week because of a holiday, we'll tack a week on at the end.  Its a "can't lose" scenario.  Sign up on the website at:starlightgardensct.com

Orders do by 8AM Friday.  Pick up at the shed after 2pm.  Bring exact change. Self service. And thank you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Have a great week.