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How Sustainable Is This Farm?

Posted 3/28/2019 12:17pm by David Zemelsky.

I'm going to rave about all the growth, delicious food, and potential to enrich your diet that you could imagine.  Its a good positive picture and for that I'm extremely grateful.  But before we get into that, I need to talk a bit about Farm Sustainability. Spoiler alert-most of the issues that I might cover are really difficult and solutions are even more so.

I was at the Transfer Station on Monday. That would be The Dump for those of us who remember that that was how it worked.  Now, we make large mountains of trash elsewhere, rather than store it in our backyard. This time of year is a heavy usage of this facility by Star Light.  All the trash and riff raff that got missed before Winter came on are still here and need to be dealt with.  This is not a clean job by any means.  There's always plastic sheets that have outlived there usefulness, that have been lying around all Winter, gather water and dirt (i.e.dirty, wet, muddy  water).  Picking this stuff up always means getting soaked with this liquid nightmare.  Anyway, the truck gets filled up at one point, so its off to the dump (I mean Transfer Station).  For those of you who haven't been there, it looks like a big gigantic open mouth ready to digest anything and everything that comes its way.  Yes, its a bit on the intimidating side.  So the picture looks like this: here I am, the organic farmer, friend of the earth, living the sustainable life.  And what am I doing-throwing away truckloads of plastic.  This does not feel good.  I'm standing there, pulling all this plastic out of the truck, thinking about all this.  And at the same time, being mindful of the catastrophe going on in Africa after the typhoon hit.  None of it made any sense.  Well, unfortunately, the typhoon in Africa does make sense.  The number and severity of high catagory typhoons has gone up astronomically in the past 15 years, as the sea water temperature rises. So, I don't have any major conclusions to offer up here.  I do know that collectively, something different is going to happen for the world, or else we'll all be in a terrible situation.  By the way, poor people with little or no resources are already vulnerable in a way that most of us can not begin to understand.  I'm still saving plastic bags when I can.  Also, you may already have noticed-your orders are now coming in paperbags.

Lets talk about what Star Light has to offer you in the way of fresh, alive tasting vegetables.

First, lets touch on the very best Mother's Day present ever-hanging strawberry plants.  As I've said before, this gift is guaranteed restorative, if you're in need of getting back in the good graces of someone who is line for a Mother's Day present.  And if that's not the situation for you and your relationship with the potential Mother's Day gift recipient is fine-then think of this gift as a validation of how good a job they are doing (being a parent never ever stops, trust me)!  To reserve one, please send a check for $25, there's a limited supply.

Miniature Sunflower-  some are already blooming.  Others will follow. $5 Here's a link to see what they look likehttps://www.johnnyseeds.com/flowers/sunflowers/dwarf-sunflowers/sunny-smile-f1-sunflower-seed-1815.html

Cilantro Plants- $4

Arugula-first crop of the season from this years seed. $6/bag

Salad Greens-$6/bag

Potatoes-still some left.  Still awesome. Still on sale. $5/1lb bag. $6/2/b bag

Spinach- serious serious amounts of spinach on sale.  $6/bag. Double bag $9. Triple bag $11.  This spinach is better than better.  Its really awesome and sweet.

Claytonia- $6/bag

Braising Greens- with several really interesting Asian and other greens in it $6/bag bag

Bok(Pak) Choi- $4/bunch

Radishes $4/bunch. First of the season! Yay, Spring is really here.

Hakeuri Turnips-  a crunchy treat.  $4/bunch

As always, you'll need to email your orders by 8AM on Friday.  Pick up at the shed after 2pm.  Your order will be marked with your name and the amount.  Thank you, as always.