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Propane Always Gets In The Way

Posted 3/6/2019 5:05pm by David Zemelsky.

Last week's note mentioned all the big Star Light events that we were anticipating last week.  One of them, getting a new furnace hooked up for the nursery really got gummed up.  Two things, specifically, helped slow things down.  The first is that the propane company was not happy with how I hung the furnace from the rafters.  My approach was to screw two metal post into the frame and hang the furnace from threaded rods, like they showed me in the manual.  Easy solution, though.  I asked Sparky, owner of Foreman Welding to weld those post to the hoop house frame.  Done.  But the other situation has to do with the tanks, themselves.  For new installations, the propane pipes need to be charged and observed by the Building Inspector.  By looking at a measuring device attached to the system, they can tell right away if the propane is safe in the pipe or if its leaking somewhere.  Sound easy, too.  However, the recent storms have scared the Inspector off.  I've been expecting them for days.  Now, I"ve been reassured that he'll be coming first thing tomorrow morning.

All of this is a good thing.  Room.  Where do we find it.  I've already turned my living room into  a makeshift nursery.  Currently, there are 300 strawberry plants in threes, potted up in 100 pots.  No sofa, no end tables, just strawberries.  More on the strawberries later.

This should not sound grim, hopefully.  It is just how things go.  There will never be an end to situations that need problem solving at Star Light.  Never.  They say that looking for solutions is good to prevent loss of memory, and dementia.  If that is really true, than I"m all set.  And so is Jen and so is Joel for that matter.  However, they're a lot younger than me, so that concern is farther off on the horizon for them.  Lucky

CSA is adding members every week.  But there's still room for you.  This is the best way to make sure that you'll have the vegetables that you like at the best price.  The farm benefits from this model, because we'll be able to get an infusion of cash from your deposits now.  Otherwise, this time of year is a harder time to create cash flow.  I mention this because, like in everything that I share with you, I want you to better understand what it takes to put food from a small sustainable farm on your plate.  To sign up, go to our website at: starlightgardensct.com Click on "CSA2019" and follow the prompts. 

What's immediately ahead to look forward to? Radishes, turnips, head lettuce to name but a few.  Can't wait.  Thank you to all of you who ordered last week and remembered to only write to Joel.  You all batted 100%.  I didn't receive one order.  They all went to Joel.


I used to call this my living room.  With the nursery still waitng for the propane people to finish their job, its turned into the obvious place to start Mother's Day Hanging Strawberry Plants  (MDHSP).  As soon as the roots hit the soil, they began to grow.

What isn't there great to say about Bok Choi/Pak Choi?  In stirfries, in salads.  Its as if you invited a guest home and to show their gratitude, they made themselves into the most satisfying meal in the world.  That's a guest!

Mizuna: an answered prayer.  At this young stage, wonderful wilted in a stirfry or as part of a salad or even as the salad.



Here's the list of what you can get this week.

Northfordy Farm Amazing Tomato Sauce- a very fine product.  $10/jar

Potatoes- still at reduced price, while they last.  1lb/ $5. (not a deal!) 2lbs/for $6.  10lbs or more (best deal) $25/bag

Turmeric- varies in price from $4-$7.  Its frozen and stays very well that way.  Shave off what you need and put it back in the freezer

Spinach- $6/bag

Claytonia $6/bag

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Spicy and Beautiful Mustard Greens $3/bunch

Big Kale- first of the season $4/bunch

Pre -ordering on Mother's Day Hanging Strawberries.  Here's what's important to know about this possibility.  They're a guaranteed home run with who ever you give them to.  If its someone you want to get in the better graces with-home run.  If its someone whom you already are in great graces with already-even bigger home run.  If it is someone that you're not in either bad or good graces with before giving them the plant- home run.  Won't fail.  They are exciting gifts to get and they'll keep producing strawberries for a long time.  And taste?  An abundance of cosmic taste!  Part of a list of things that we do well at Star Light that will make you jump directly up in the air upon tasting.

Deadline for ordering will be Friday 8AM.  Your order will be waiitng for you in our shed after 2pm on Friday.  Look for your name and the amount.  Bring a few extra dollars if you ordered turmeric to account for price variation.  If you come after dark, bring a light.  Payment goes in payment jar.  Bring exact. Checks are ok.

As usual, I am grateful for all of your support and appreciation for what we try to do for you.  Good local food is an important way to stay as healthy as you can.  This is food that feels alive.

Have a great week!