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Undercover Walk-in

Posted 2/26/2019 1:17pm by David Zemelsky.

Four really important projects are taking place this week.  I'll take them in any old order!

Firstly, there's photosynthesis.  Its really happening!  This of course means that some of those things that have been missing lately are going to appear on the "Available" list in the near future.  Radishes, lettuce, hakeuri turnips, beet greens, swiss chard.  In a month? Maybe less?  We'll see.

Second,  we're improving the road into the farm.  For years, it has been a touch and go experience when larger vehicles try there luck here.  There's been more than one 14 wheeler who's had to call a tow truck.  It can get a bit embarrassing, too. I'm going to give a plug to my son, who's doing the work. He is ready to listen to any of your dreams of what to do with walkways, driveways, stonewalls and interior stonework, too.  He's been doing it for 20 plus years and is good at it.  I wouldn't recommend him if he wasn't good!

Thirdly, is our undercover walk-in.  About 10 years ago, we bought a walk in cooler that sits opposite our processing shed.  Works great.  And its tight, so it holds cold or hot very well That's why we identified it as a good place for an undercover hospital.  Not for people, but for our grafting tomato operation.  Jen has spent the better part of the day, clearing out the potatoes , which have been stored there since last fall (And that's why, we keep having sales on potatoes.  They need to leave.  See pricing below).  There's shelves and heaters and humidifiers and a hygrometer/thermometer in there.  We're going to be using this space for our soon to be grafted tomatoes to recover.  Its not really a hospital for people, but for tomatoes, after we cut the heads off of one and clip them to the base of the rootstock.  If this all sounds confusing, please look back to previous letter that talks about grafting.  Don't want to bore you twice.  More news of how we're doing will come to you as soon as we make news.

Lastly, I've been installing our new furnace (Its called a "Hot Dawg"!) over the past few days.  Almost done.  After that, it depends on our propane people to set the tanks and fire up this machine.  Our last furnace was way too little, although, I didn't realize it until I went to size a new one.  We're looking for a minimum temperature of 60, which is actually a big deal when you consider there is only plastic to keep the heat in.  No insulation.  And then, with the new road, we'll be able to get refills on the tank more easily because  the propane truck can get to the tanks.  It all dovetails together.  Almost sounds like we know what we're doing!


Here's Jen in the new Undercover Walk-in Hospital.  Temperature is 75 degrees. Humidity is 80%.  Ideal on both counts.  Humidity supplied by blue humidifier in back of Jen on the floor.   Shelving is ready for newly grafted tomatoes to recover from the procedure.

For you Sungold believers.  This is a very good height for this time of  year.

Happy Tomato Plants waiting for opening day (the launch of the newly refurbished nursery).  They're be plenty to purchase come the beginning of May.


This week, you have to email your orders directly to Joel at : smithbissett@yahoo.com  That's the only way its going to work this week, because I'll be out of town Wednesday-Friday.  If you email me, there's only a remote chance that I'll see your request.  So let me be boring: If you're ordering something,  write only to Joel at smithbissett@yahoo.com   Easy, right?

Ok.  Here's what we have

Potatoes:  These are prices you can't sneeze at.  Also, the quality.  All fingerlings, red and purple.  1lb bag $5 (not a great price) BUT for $6, we'll sell you 2lbs.  If you want 10lbs, its $25 (or $2.50/lb)  I will remind you that if you think that 10lbs is too much, go knock on your neighbor's door (even if you don't know them!) and see if they'll share.  Could be the start of a new friendship! You never know

Spinach- strong supply now.  $6/bag

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Braising Greens- perfect for stir fries.  Just a tad spicy, too. $6/bag

Peter's Amazing Northfordy Tomato Sauce-  you might want to check this one out. $10/jar

Star Light Pickles - referred to by customers at Cityseed as "The Perfect Pickle".  I couldn't pay for such a recommendation. $6/jar

Turmeric- $2/oz.  Pieces range in price from $4-$7.  Bring extra bills  with you.

Lastly, we're hoping that CSA might have your name on it.  It is virtually the best way to get great food for the best price.  You'll save 20% off of our regular prices.  Visit the website for more details.  Convenient pick up at Durham Farmer's Market, Madison Farmer's Market or Wooster Square.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read what things I'm thinking about in terms of farming

I hope you have a great week, with great food.