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Farming Is Sharing

Posted 2/13/2019 3:48pm by David Zemelsky.


This week is a watershed moment for me and my kids.  I've debated whether to share this with all of you because one never knows what's appropriate or not coming out of a farm letter.  Ultimately, I've gone with my gut, which has told me-share.  This Valentine's Day is the first anniversary of Ty's passing.  It has been a full, sad, and sometimes sweet year.  I'm comfortable bringing it up here because growing food for all of you is personal and special.  Some of you are friends, some of you I'm friendly with and even some of you-well, we've never met.  But the act of growing food, good nourishing food that other people will benefit from puts all of you in a special class for me.  No doubt, there's an intimacy of sharing the harvest with all of you that draws me to share this with you.

This is not meant as an eulogy for her.  That's already been done.  I'm just going to be marking this anniversary in a way that feels right for me.  I will also share that all my kids and I have learned to lean on each other for support in ways that no one would have guessed a year ago.  We are planning to mark the day all together. Laughing,crying, who knows.  At some point, we might start filling photo albums that I've bought for the occasion, so that each family can take home images of  how we all were many years ago, with Ty  sitting center stage.

There is one important thing about Ty that you might be interested in.  The idea, the very kernel of the idea to start Star Light Gardens was hers and hers alone.  Without her vision, none of this would have happened.  Star Light has become the single most important job I've ever done.  It has demanded creativity that I had no idea existed inside of me.  Physically, the work has helped bring me into toddler senior citizen range, as opposed to a full out senior.  Still, I'm not willing to admit that I'm of senior age, except for when it comes to movie tickets! Because of this and so many other things, I am so grateful to have been able for us to share our lives together all these years.  That's all I have to say right now.  Oh wait.  One more thing.  In my mind now, it is no longer Valentine's Day, but rather Valenty's Day.

In looking at Star Light this week, I'd have to say that for us,Spring is already here.  There's regrowth of spinach out in the houses.  And lettuce patches that were sown in early December, are just now starting to take off.  Transplanted hakeuri turnips and beautiful radishes have established themselves easily, thanks to the paper pot planter.  In the basement, there are rows and rows of grow lights, helping tomato plants start to learn how to reach for the sky.  And lets not forget those most popular miniature sunflowers and herbs.  They're all growing happily and warmly downstairs.  Very soon, our new furnace will be installed in the nursery and we'll be enjoying the new space with "real" sun light.

This is exciting!  These plants were started at the beginning of January. They look so happy.

This is Jen's way of keeping the good spirits working for us.  Not sure where she found this little guy, but it all seems to be working!

We love growing pea tendrils.  They taste exactly like fresh peas!  You barely need any soil to make this work.

This should give you an idea of what goes on in the basement.  You're looking at growlights over a few dozen trays of our starts.

Here's what we can offer you this week.

Northfordy Tomato Sauce - $10/jar.  This is awesome stuff.  Not to be missed

Turmeric - $2/oz .  If you order this heavenly thing, bring extra dollars to account for extra unforeseen weight.  A typical tuber cost from $4-$7.

Potatoes- They are still awesome and yet, they need to get to your home and not stay with me any longer.  Special incentive price: 10lbs/$25.  Or $5/for a one lb. bag.  They will please you, guaranteed!   Split the bag  with your neighbor.  Ask them! If you don't know them, this could be the start of something special in your neighborhood!

Applesauce- made with High Hill Cortland Apples and Star Light herbs and spicy peppers.  Just a tad spicy  $6/jar

Joel and Jen's Outstanding Pickles- crunchy/ a tad spicy and altogether a marvelous pickle experience.  $6/jar

Spinach- $6/a bag.

If you'd like to order something, email me at: Starlightgardens@comcast.net Assume that the weather will be ok and therefore, look for your order in the shed.  The payment jar will be handy.  Please  let me know by 8AM Friday.  You can pick up your order after 2pm in the shed on Friday.

Lastly, thank you for letting me share all of my thoughts with you.  That means a lot to me.