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A strongly spoken year

Posted 11/28/2018 7:13am by David Zemelsky.

Dear Friends

2018 has certainly been an assertive year in the way of weather.  The final chapter of this year is proving to be no different with the cold coming on strong and fast.  Weather like this has one questioning and second guessing, wondering what else we could have done. All and all I can't complain we have faired well and still have much to offer.

Two highlights for me are the Mars celariac and the Japanese red long radish.  The Radish has a beautiful and intrigueing look, it's taste is very delicate and not spicy.  The celariac has been a hit on the farm now for over a month.  From the first soup we used it in to last night's, it is a essential ingredient for your cld weather fighting soups and stews.

On the farm the cold weather doesn't stop the work from getting done(although sometimes I wish it did).  A busy year means an accumulation of misplaced items, things to be repaired and junk we need to just get rid of.  The next couple weeks we are due for a serious cleanup.  We are also in the process of reclaiming one of the old hoophouses from the embrace of mother nature.  It will be alot of work but the benefits of season extension and some protection from extreme weather are immense.

Driving by you may notice the shop open a bit more.  We are shooting for Thursday, Friday and some weekends.  Weather permiting we will have it stocked with potatoes, carrots, a variety of greens and some homemade Starlight Gardens specialities.  Going into the next season we are lookng to make a stocked shop a regular thing so feel free to stop by and check things out.  We are located at 54 Folwler Ave.

Here is this weeks offerings  please email us your request by Thursday morning 8am for pick up after 2pm.

Large and glorious Kale, $10/lb


Collards-a large leaf variety. $10/lb


Arugula - spicy and always welcomed $13/lb


Celeriac  $3/root.

Mustard Greens -$10/lb

Pea Tendrils- -$13/lb

Salad Greens- Kale, various green and red lettuces, mizuna $10/lb

Fingerling Potatoes- red, white or purple.  Happy little critters  $5/lb

Yaya Carrots- our carrots are great year round, but the Fall is when they are the sweetest  $5/lb

Ginger- the most important thing to remember about our ginger is that its fragrance and flavor bear no resemblance to anything that you'd get from Stop n Shop or any other source.  $1/oz

Turmeric-again, a more amazing experience than you'd get anywhere else $2/oz.

Sun-dried Juliet Tomatoes-again, you could buy dehydrated tomatoes anywhere, but Juliet is the best.  They aren't cheap, but you don't need much to make an impression. $5/oz

Young Onions 3.50/bunch

Sage - fresh sage for soups and salads $4/bunch

Pak Choi $4/bunch

Braising Mix with or without mustard $10/lb

Haukeri and Scarlet Queen Turnips  $4/bunch

Radishes-traditional red, jJapanese red long and black $3/bunch Radishes are a welcome crunch.  This is something that we herald i.n the Spring, but tend to forget about at this time of year.  They are awesome

Enjoy and we hope to hear from you.