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A freeze on the Horizen

Posted 10/17/2018 6:59am by David Zemelsky.

I guess there is just no avoiding the inevitable cold that comes with this time of year.  Looking at the low temps to come with tonight and tomorrow a few thoughts come to mind.  Do we have enough plastic and row cover to protect everything we need to.  What must we get out of the ground now that can't quite survive a freeze.  Lastly what type of soup am I going to make to warm me up.

All very real and legitimate questions some carrying more weight than others.  We're switching gears here at the farm to winter protection.  I spent yesterday morning sorting out our various pieces of former greenhouse plastic.  Today in addition to some CSA harvesting I'll be creating mini green houses all over the farm protecting what I can.  Row cover (essentially a blanket for the crops)  is in increasingly short supply but we're making do with what we got.  This has been a tough and challenging season and something tells me it's not done throwing surprises our way.


Don't let the weather get you down and stand strong against the challenges of the cold fortifying your body with nutritious local veggies.


Here's what we have this week.
Carrots $5/lb orange or purple young and sweet
Salad Greens $6/bag
Beets $4/lb

Potatoes (French Fingerling, Red bliss or Purple.  Let me know if you have a preference) $5/lb

Arugula $6/bag Limited supply this week

Pea Tendrils $6/bag
Big Kale $4/bunch
Collards $3/bunch
Summer Squash $3/lb
Sun dried tomatoes $5/for an ounce
Eggplant and Peppers - put them down knowing that maybe we’re going to run out.  Depends on the run on them.  $5/lb
Hot pepper mix 4$/pint
Pak Choi $4/bunch
Radish regular round or black 3.50$/bunch
Braising Greens $6/bag
Leeks- $4/bunch.
Ginger- $9/plant. You can use the whole plant, too.
Turmeric- $28/lb believe me this sounds more expensive than it is, you can request a piece around a certain dollar amount and we'll have one within a few dollars of your request.
Fennel- $3.50/head
Please email your orders by 8 am Thursday for pickup after 2pm in the shed out front. 
And don't forget there is still time to signup for our Fall CSA, prorated prices are available for late starts
Thanks and stay warm