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I awoke from such a dream

Posted 9/19/2018 12:09pm by David Zemelsky.
David is out of town this week so please reply to me here at smithbissett@yahoo.com
I awoke from my dream last night in a panicked sweat.  Running out to the fields it was dark and unfamiliar.  I couldn't find my way and I just kept calling out to my lost friends, "TOMATOES TOMATOES!"  But alas they were gone.
Joel Here
Yes that is a bit of an exaggeration in the sense of the surreal dream but it makes a good story and the ending is sadly true.  The tomato waterfall has run all but dry for another season.  The high tunnels being converted to fall greens and the mighty 12 foot tall plants occupying space on the compost pile.
This can be a tough time of year for a farmer, pulling out plants you started before February.  With each yank a small sigh, yet I'm reminded of the cyclical nature of life.  With the coming season great things, a little more free time and the tomatoes will surely be back next year.
Don't forget we’re planning on having a Fall CSA.  This is an awesome time to get sweet greens, amazing carrots.  Potentially life changing potatoes.  Ginger that will defy even your wildest dreams.  More details will follow.
Here's what we have this week.
Carrots $5/lb  special 2lbs for 8$
Salad Greens $6/bag
Beets $4/llb

Potatoes (French Fingerling or Purple.  Let me know if you have a preference) $5/lb

Arugula $6/bag Limited supply this week

Pea Tendrils $6/bag
Big Kale $4/bunch
Collards $3/bunch
Juliet Tomatoes 6$lb
Summer Squash $3/lb
Sun dried tomatoes $5/for an ounce
Swiss Chard $3/bunch
Eggplant and Peppers - put them down knowing that maybe we’re going to run out.  Depends on the run on them.  $5/lb
Hot pepper mix 4$/pint
Pak Choi $4/bunch
Yoi Choy Pak's delicious cousin 4$/bunch
Braising Greens $6/bag
Leeks- $4/bunch.
Ginger- $9/plant. You can use the whole plant, too.

Please send your preferences back to me by 8AM Thursday and remember David is out of town this week so please reply to me here at smithbissett@yahoo.com
Enjoy the last week of summer