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Happy 4th of July from Starlight Gardens

Posted 7/4/2018 9:24am by David Zemelsky.

Dear lovers of summer's bounty

Joel Here

Fireflies light up the woods edge at dusk, the smell of charcoal grills fill the air, children run free with the innocent notion that summer will last forever and the sounds of distance fireworks can be heard almost everywhere.  My friends it must be July.

Personally I love summer, especially July and at times can be a glutton for punishment working out in the heat.  However on this July fourth I'm taking a rare day off( well let's be honest it's more like a half day, after all things must be done), to enjoy this beautiful time off year.

Speaking of beauty the high tunnels are looking full and beautiful.  Actually even a bit intimating from a harvesting and maintenance standpoint but that is just another part of summer.  The point of this being that tomatoes and peppers are not far off.  Very soon David will have the privilege of offering you summer's true bounty even if the woodchucks and their refined pallets are competing for them.  Besides experience as a grower, I'm gaining a bit of skill as a woodchuck trapper(In the have a heart live trap of course)

Let's get down to the real point of this mailing this week's offerings

Radishes  $3.50/ bunch Red round, Black and Watermelon

Beets 4$/ bunch Early wonder top, Touchstone or Chioggia

Carrots $5/bunch

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Big Kale- $3.50

Salad Greens- $6

Glorious, glorious heads of lettuce $3.50/head

Arugula $6/bag

Bunching Onions $2.50/bunch

Spring Onions $4/bunch

Pak Choi $3/bunch

Braising Greens, with spicy greens and tender young brassicas $6/bag

Bunches of Basil ,Cilantro, Sage or Thyme . Please say which one $3/bunch

Garlic $3.50/head

Collards $3/bunch

Summer Squash $3/lb

Cukes $6/lb

That's the offerings for this week.  Remember to email me directly at smithbissett@yahoo.com.  All orders should be in by 8 am Thursday for 2pm pickup out front in the shed and of course email with any questions.


Thanks and enjoy