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Signs of Summer

Posted 6/13/2018 12:24pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Friends,

Joel Here

David is returning tomorrow however, he is having phone issues so please email me directly with your orders as emails to David may get overlooked.



When the days are getting long and hot and fireflies and mosquitoes swarm at night you know summer is near.  Around the farm we have our own ways of knowing the beautiful days are coming.

Some are bad, like flea beetles, aphids and leaf miners.  While some are good like cucumber plants outgrowing there intended area, garlic plants forming scapes and potato plants beginning to grow taller everyday.  While some things are just down right overwhelming such as the amount of weeding which must be done and a tomato jungle just screaming to be pruned and attached to strings so it can grow straight and tall.

Meanwhile I sit and wonder how I can balance all these things and many more while still finding the time to get a swim or two in each week.  But don't let me distract you with my problems instead choose from the list below and reap the benefits of our work after all that's why we do it.

Salad Greens $6/bag

Arugula $6/bag

Large Kale(if you want lacinato, just mention it when you order ) $4/bunch

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Radishes $3.50

Hakeuri Turnips $4/bunch

Garlic Scapes $2.50/ 1/4pound

Braising Greens $6/bag

Pea Tendrils $6/bag

Pak choi $3/bunch

Green Onions $3/bunch

Collards $3/bunch

Glorious heads of lettuce $3/head

Still plenty of tomato plants and herbs and especially those miniature sunflowers $5/plant.  Our plant sale is going into it's final stages and we are now offering a buy one get two special.  If what plants you want aren't available we will choose a replacement and please suggest one.

Please send me your request by 8am tomorrow.  Your order will be in the shed at 54 Fowler Ave.(to the LEFT of the house) after 2pm tomorrow.  Payment goes  in the payment jar.  If you come after dark, bring a light.

Thank you so much for thinking of us and remember this week send your order to me smithbissett@yahoo.com