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Weeds: Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

Posted 5/30/2018 1:48pm by David Zemelsky.


I really don't like the phrase ;"America: Love it or Leave it" because there's no middle ground.  For me, any time its either "this or that" only, I get suspicious.  Same for the phrase above- I don't see any middle ground.  Now, sometimes there isn't any middle ground, but we're not going to get into that now.  But as far as weeds go- yes there can be a certain tolerance for their existence.

One very essential thing about soil-it needs to breathe.  If it is compacted too much then all the bacteria and other good stuff in there stops functioning.  Think about a carrot.  Once its yanked out of the ground, there's a big gaping hole.  The soil is now loose and ready to accomodate air and water from above.  Once there's an abundance of both, then soil magic takes place.  I'm probably the very wrong person to tell you what that magic does and how it does it, but what I do know is that what goes on under the ground is a miracle.  Not just the chemistry, but the little microscopic creatures that endeavour to make a wonderful environment for our plants to thrive. 

And just right there is the beginning of understanding how organic farming has it all over traditional agriculture.  In traditional agriculture, the plant is fed , not the soil. In a scenario like this eventually the fauna of the soil get discouraged and die off.  With trace minerals and compost, the soil remains intact and ready to serve the plants. 

So, what does this have to do with weeds? Plenty.  Weeds are one of the main ways that soil ges broken down.  They provide pathways through their intricate root system.  These pathways can delivery nutrients, water and air.  Of course, if you leave the weeds in for too long, they're also going to wreck havoc with your garden hence their bad name in backyard gardening.

At Star Light, I must say, the weeds are there.  We keep promising every year to make sure none of them go to see, but that never works out.  My best method is to gently harrow the ground and make it look like there isn't any weeks.(There are, though).  Not a rototiller.  Throw that away.  Once the ground is bare, wet it and encourage weed growth.  That should take about a week.  Then, I take our flamer (propane fired, and lethal. One needs to pay attention) and kill all the new weeds.  And at the same time endeavour to not disturb the soil.  That's because, you don't want to uncover weeds that are below the surface.  If they aren't exposed to sunlight, they won't germinate.

Let's talk about the shed activities.  We're back to Thursday.  For anyone who was confused, I am very sorry.  For new comers to the mailing list, this is an opportunity to get great, fresh organic food that is locally grown (Star Light).  Read the list below.  Email me back exactly what you want by 8AM tomorrow.  We''ll be processing your order and it will be ready and put in the shed by 2pm tomorrow.  Payment goes in the jar on the table.  If you come after dark-bring a light.

Salad Greens $6/bag

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Big Kale $4.bunch

Pea Tendrils $6/bunch

Spring Garlic $2.50 each

Green Onions $3/bunch

Carrots- $5/bunch

Radishes $3.50/bunch

Hakeuri Turnips $4/bunch

Braisiing Greens

Pak Choi- $4/bunch

I hope that your week is wonderful and full of great nutritious food.  Talk to you soon.