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Let's All Breathe

Posted 5/8/2018 4:19pm by David Zemelsky.

I'm really happy with how things are growing now. Wouldn't have said that a few weeks ago.  The cold weather, the cold weather and the rain, the cold weather and sun.  It didn't matter.  It was just cold.  Now, one would have to be a stick in the mud not to enjoy this kind of weather. 

Here's what I want to talk about this week-carrots.  In some circles, I am known as the Carrot Scientist.  I have to admit, no one but myself gave me this title.  At Star Light, we do have a passion for crunchy, sweet carrots and after a while, assuming the title (Carrot Scientist) was irresistible.  When the tomatoes come into season, then I'm the Tomato Scientist.  My favorite is Watermelon Scientist. Anyway, back to carrots.  If one plants carrots 12 weeks  before the  length of day becomes just under 10 hours(November 13), then the following happens.  The carrots will germinate in the late late Fall and basically just sit in limbo, neither dying or growing, but staying alive for the rest of the Winter.  In the Spring,  with warmer temperatures and a lengthening day, the carrots start to grow again.  The result is early carrots.  Which gets me to this weeks offering.  We have some of those early carrots now.  Not a huge amount, but will sell a bunch to the first four people who are ordering other food from us.  I've been munching on them all day and they are good-real good. The other thing to mention about growing these carrots.  We grow them in short low tunnels covered with plastic and weighted down with sand bags.  It works well.  Here's what one of the carrots looks like that I dug up today.  It was delicious

So  lets start with our list.  And remember, Thursday Thursday after 2pm in the shed at 54 Fowler Ave. your order will be waiting,  If you come after dark, bring a light.  Your order will be marked with your name and the amount that you owe.

Carrots-first four people who are ordering other things $5/bunch

Pea Tendrils- Dear People, you've got to try pea tendrils.  Whether in Asian cooking, or Pesto (yes pesto, its better than pesto made with basil) or add to salads, it shouldn't be missed.  $6/bag

Arugula- $6 /bag

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Spinach Special-  all  we can fit in one bag $11 (less than last week) or $6/bag

Spring Garlic-  these are aromatic and wonderuful.  Can be crushed and used like regular garlic.  Leaves are particular  delicious.  $3/bunch

Hakeuri Turnips- $4/bunch.  Another one of those "you got to try it" experiences

Radishes-still the crunchiest thing going $3.50/bunch

Pak Choi- $3/bunch

Plants: Mother's Day Home Run.  Consider the Dwarf Sunflower.  Or one of the many tomatoes eggplants, peppers or herbs.  Compact Genevese Basil, stays in a small pot. Cilantro,parsley, marjoram, sage, rosemary, thyme.  If you'd like to discuss tomatoes before a purchase, please feel free to call me.  I live to talk tomatoes.  Cell 860 463 0166.  Here's a picture of some of the plants ready to enter your household.  They're happy and also certified organic.

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Big Kale- $3.50/bunch

Cosmically Wonderful Heads of Lettuce- $3.50//head

Reminder-CSA is still the most economical way to buy awesome vegetables. If interested, call (see number above) or just sign up on the website.

Second reminder- Ty's Art Show is a week from this Saturday.  Check out her Facebook Page, which is still up.  There's a sneak look at what the house looks like.