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There's More To It Than Tomatoes

Posted 5/3/2018 10:18am by David Zemelsky.


Introduction:  Technically, this paragraph isn't an introduction.  I just wanted to introduce (that's almost introduction) the concept that we're selling some glorious glorious plants.  See the literature about it at the link here:http://www.starlightgardensct.com/showcase/spring-plants

Remember about two weeks ago that my subject line was "Stop Complaining"?  And the first line was to tell you that I wasn't suggesting that you stop complaining, but that I should stop it.  Same for this week.  Its not all about tomatoes.  Something that I need to remember.  Its hard though.  Tomatoes were started in the first few days of the new year-almost 4 months ago.  Its a long long road to a tomato(Title of a book of the same name,and a good read). There's also pest and disease , not to mention the art of pruning.(more of that later in the season) And they are good (so very good).  I wouldn't want to diminish that.  But lets not forget some of the farm's "co-stars".

Let's start with lettuce.  We've been trying some new lettuces this year that are crisp, sweet, drop dead gorgeous and available now.  We'll have mini heads this week and also incorporate them into the salad mix.  Heads/$2.50  Salad Mix $6/bag

Then there's spinach.  We are going to make available to you spinach to freeze for later.  These are big leaves and perfect for the freezer.  Freezing is simple.  Just blanch for 30 seconds and cool off in ice water and then into zip lock bags.  Done.  If only parenting was that simple!  So one huge bag probably weights over two pounds or might be three.  $!3/bag

Hakeuri Turnips- $4/bunch.  Like radishes only unique in flavor.  The greens are great for soups or braising greens.

French Breakfast Radish-  why do they call these french breakfast radish?  I've actually heard that its been served on buttered toast.  Sounds civilized to me!  $3.50/bunch

Swiss Chard- which is impossible to beat for a flavorful, colorful , bountiful, mindful experience.  $3/bunch

Arugula- speaks for itself. $6/bag

Pea Tendrils-  try this.  You'll be amazed how much a tendril taste like those flavorful peas that we all love.  And pea tendril pesto is just every bit as good as pesto made with basil.  $6/bag. 

Spring Garlic-  get the fresh taste of garlic bulbs early.  It is best used by cutting up in slices and frying.  Won't go through a garlic press.  $2.50/bunch

Pak choi- the all time best for a side dish or part of a stir fry.  $3/bunch(which might be one plant or two , depending on the size.  We'll be generous.

Red Mustard- spicy, and not over the top with heat.  Beautiful to behold $6/bag

Mizuna- intricate flavor with some of the excitement of discovering you can whistle.  Try it.  $6/bag

Yu Choi- another all time best green to stir fry.  $3/bunch

Now, a word about our plants.  We've got a huge selection of tomatoes, kales,herbs, baby sunflowers(so cute, you'll want them all).  The link is worth repeating here:http://www.starlightgardensct.com/showcase/spring-plants

Here's the tomato plant update: This is the one that I've been taking a picture of every week.

I see lots of good new growth.  Before the end of next week, it will be necessary to do some more pruning.  A good sign!

If you'd like anything that we've talked about, let me know by 8AM Friday. Order will be waiting for you in our shed at 54 Fowler Ave. in Durham.  After dark, bring a light.  Payment in the payment jar.

I hope that all of you have a healthy time. A reminder: May 19th is the Art Show for my wife, Ty.  Most of you already know that she passed away on February 14th of this year.  My family and I are putting on a show of her work, which I know she would have loved to have happen.  It will be at the farm between 1pm and 5pm.  Any and all of you are welcome.  The farm, will also be running a tour in mid afternoon.  Consider coming.  If I've never met you face to face, this would be a good time, too.