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Stop Complaining

Posted 4/19/2018 10:31am by David Zemelsky.


No, I don't mean you! Mostly, a mantra to myself. "Stop Complaining"!  This came to me yesterday while transplanting beets outside.  This, by the way was one of the first outside plantings of the season.  Anyway, I was uncomfortably stooped over the tray of little plants, and a bit grumbly because the plugs weren't coming out easily. It was a bit on the cold side, too.  And then I realized that all of this was far better than the scorching heat of Summer.  Hence, the "stop complaining" thought entered my head.  There's almost always a situation that makes the present one seem like a piece of cake.  Anyway, I'll spare you all the usual "Spring is here!" stuff.  Just know that working outside when its cool is far better than mid-July!

Our tomatoes continue to recover.  They all survived, which is a testament to the resilience of plants.  Think back to when they were frosted about 5 weeks ago.  A terrible morning and a reason to complain.  What ever damage that happened was limited to the existing leaves and buds.  The "to be" buds were safely locked inside the main stem of the plant and not yet developed.  Over the next several weeks, they emerged from the dead foliage and now are flourishing. Here is my weekly picture to help illustrate:

Pretty cool, right?  You can still see some of the damaged leaves.  In a few more weeks, you won't even be able to see where the damage happened.  To help speed things along, we sprayed the plant with a kelp/fish mixture.  It is important to not overdue this, too.  Too much encouragement of leaf growth and the plant turns into a factory that only produces leaves, not fruit-which we obviously don't want.  Still, over all, we're set back a few weeks because of the event. So I say, "Stop complaining."

We're close enough to outdoor planting season to start talking about available plants that we'll be selling.  As a promotion for you, we're offering the following.  Buy and pay for a plant right now and we'll take great care of it for you till you want it and you can get another plant for free.  A two for one sale!  We've got a lot of amazing plants. There's tomato, pepper, eggplant, basil,parsley, rosemary, chives,thyme, cilantro, baby sunflowers, kale, summer savory, majoram.

If you want to see my catalogue click here.  

The store this week:  Please send me all orders by 8AM tomorrow (Friday) Your order will be ready after 2pm Friday.  Self service at our shed. Bring the correct amount of money, as there may not be enough change in the payment jar.  If you come after dark, bring a light.

Spinach- lots of glorious spinach on sale.  Single bag $6 or double bag for $10.(actually, we'll put tons in.  More than twice the weight.  Its worth it. )

Salad Greens- with lettuce, claytonia,kale $6/bag

Arugula- $6/bag.  A really fine crop, too

Claytonia- now with edible white flowers.  The claytonia is of high quality and I can now see that the end will be coming in 3 weeks or less.  If you haven't ever tried claytonia, its season is NOW.  Not to be missed.

Hakeuri Turnips-  this week, the experience is more about the greens than the actual turnip.  They are the best mustard type greens ever.  Bright color and taste.  $4/bunch

Pak Choi- $3/for two.

And don't forget the plant sale.  This is a good opportunity to get great organic plants for a good price.  I'll be running this sale this and next week, only.

Have a great week.