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An Invitaiton

Posted 4/10/2018 10:26pm by David Zemelsky.


Dear Friends,

As you already know, Ty died this last February.  My family and I almost immediately came up with the idea of creating a show of her works, so that many other people could see the beauty and passion of the visual world that she created.  Please take the announcement  above as an invitation to join me and my family on May 19 at the farm.

Many farmers that I know have already started working outside.  At Star Light, we've had both spinach and carrots growing since late last fall.  Carrots, if you time it properly can get a start growing before Winter sets in and then when warm weather begins, start growing again.  By doing this, we'll probably have carrots by Memorial Day. If you start them too early in the Fall, then they don't form carrots, but rather just make a big bush of carrot tops that goes to seed.  Not what you want! The best time to plant is 12 weeks before a 10 hour day. 

This picture shows the size of the carrot plants right now.  These carrots were grown outside covered with short hoops and plastic (that is held down by sand bags)Just get ready for the sweet taste of fresh carrots.

Tomato report.  Every one of them are still alive and the tops are regenerating, as I promised they would.  I'm more than optimistic. Fact:even so, they have been set back a few weeks.  Here's what the same plant looks like this week.  Compare to last week.  Lots of growth.


CSA remains our best bet to get all the right food at the best price.  C.S.A.-Community Supported Agriculture, in case no one ever told you.  Our brand of CSA enables you to pick out the produce that you want, not what the farmer want you to have. Its a good system.  We tried it last year and it worked like a charm.  If interested, you can find a sign up on the home page of the website.

This week, please consider the following items to take home.  Just email me back by 8AM on Friday and your order will be waiting in the shed at 54 Fowler Ave. after 2pm on that same Friday.  Checks ok.  Bring a flashlight if you come after dark.

Salad Greens : with red lettuce, claytonia, spinach and kale $6/bag

Kale, Claytonia or Spinach $6/bag.  AND, for spinach, if you buy a double bag, the cost is $10.  We'll really stuff those bags and make them more than double!  A word about claytonia-now we're getting little white flower.  They taste good , too.  It also is a signal that we can expect the claytonia to start go out in about 3 weeks.  In the meantime, its awesome.  If you haven't tried it, this would be a great time.

Arugula-first cut and very tender, beautiful, aromatic and so tasty. $6/bag

Pea Tendrils- $6/bag

Pak Choi-some of the first of the season. Its young and tender. Either in salads or stir fries  $3/bunch

Radishes and Hakeuri Turnips are coming soon.