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Pest: How To Deal With Them

Posted 3/26/2018 12:02pm by David Zemelsky.


There's never any place where it all seems like heaven.  Take right now.  There are probably not many places as wonderful as a farm at this time of year.  Especially, I'm thinking would be the hoop houses.  They're warmer than your woodstove armchair.  The smell is fertile with great smells .  Visually, the greens are growing faster now and there's always something new to look at there, even if you just visited yesterday.  And for that reason it pays to keep your eyes sharp.  Things can change on a dime.  Its like New England weather-changeable while you blink your  eyes.  Which gets me to aphids.  

Aphids are not nearly as disgusting as slugs.  There's nothing objectionable about picking one up.(If you can-they're kind of small).  Aphids show up on arugula, kale and other plants as soon as we see a bit of warmth.  Not sure if they come out of the soil, but they like to hide on the underside of leaves.  One method of taking control of aphids is to spray them with a highly dense soap called "safer soap".  It tends to coat and smother the aphids.  Works well,but depends on the spray making contact with the little guys.  This spray is totally harmless to us and approved by the organic certification agency.  The other method, which I like better is just to spray them with water.  The aphids fall off and often drown while doing so.  Both are simple solutions.  But they only work if one keeps up on it.  An aphid infestation can be ponderous, so react upon your first spotting the little critters.  For a picture, go here:


On a totally different note, I want to mention that my family and I are going forward with our Studio Show for Ty.  This will take place on May 19th from 1pm to 5pm.  There are several things that we'd like to be able to do that day. First, we'd love for as many people as possible to see what an amazing artist Ty was.  Check out her website:  Tyzemelsky.com  Second, any works of hers that are purchased, the proceeds will become part of the Ty Zemelsky Raising Star Scholarship.  This fund will provide a scholarship to a soon to be graduating senior at the local high school who is pursuing further studies in the visual arts.  It is our sincere hope that lots of you can attend this event to help us all remember what an amazing talent we have lost


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Have  a great week.