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March-The Wait Is Over

Posted 3/1/2018 10:13am by David Zemelsky.

It would be impossible not to notice how much lighter it is in the afternoon.  Think about it, we are now over 2 months past the Winter Solstice.  That's at least an hour of extra daylight.  For those of us who find the dark in the early/late afternoon a reason to dispair-this should be a time to rejoice.  I certainly will.  I've also mentioned the fact that not much photosynethesis  goes on when the daylight is less than 10 hours.  With today being the first of March, it is wonderful to report that everything is growing incredibly fast.

Of particular note is the claytonia.  Some of you are already familiar with this fantastic green and its fabled story as the saving grace for gold miners back in the day foraging for it it near where they were prospectiing.  Claytonia is so exquisite to look at and taste that most people will just have to sit down(out of breath) when they try it.  Not to be confused with our carrots, which will make you stand up and jump because they are so sweet.  Claytonia has a sweet/succulant taste.  Use it whenever you want a salad to impress everyone that you serve it to.  We're going to offer this to you for a special price to encourage everyone to try it.  ($6 for a double bag, 8oz.)

Meanwhile, we're reaping the benefit of long  tedious weeding of our spinach by Joel.  Like everything else that manages to survive cold weather, our spinach is sweet/crunchy and totally satisfying.

Its a busy time at Star Light.  For one thing, we're about to roll out information about our new CSA.  There's been CSA at Star Light in the past, and so many people have requested that we do it again.  Watch for the announcement coming out either today or tomorrow. CSA(Community Sustained Agriculture) is an excellent way to keep getting a great supply of some of our best food at an affordable/reasonable price.

Last week, we received our order of turmeric and ginger from Hawaii.  Our organic source sends us the most amazing ryzomes of each kind.  Its amazing to look at them and realize that a few days ago, they were existing 8000 miles away.  The first thing that we do with ginger or turmeric is prime it.  That would mean that we bury the pieces in peat moss and place them in trays on heat mats at 72 degrees.  They will remain that way for at least two months.  At the end of that time, we should be seeing shoots popping up for each piece.  The primed ginger/turmeric will then be planted in long rows with a drip tape to make sure that they have plenty of water.  We also feed them lots of blood meal (a good source of nitrogen) and organic fertilizer.  Both varieties are hungry for food, so we must indulge them if we hope to get a good crop.


Store Info for this week.  Like always, send in your order by 8AM Friday (March 2).  Your order will be ready in our shed at 54 Fowler Ave after 2pm on Friday.  Self service, so bring the correct change, or a check.  If you come after dark, bring a light. 

Here's what we have

Winter Hearty Salad-with red russian kale, spinach, claytonia $6/bag

Claytonia- SPECiAL!  $6/ for a 6oz bag.  $8 for 12 oz

French Fingerling Potatoes- $5/lb.  These two will make you jump

YAYA's- Carrots that are also guaranteed jumpers $5/lb

Two different kinds of Spinach( please specify) Red Kitten with a nice red stem and a smooth taste and Gazelle,which is green.  One very big bag $6

From Farmer Peter we will offer;

Famous Northfordy Tomato Sauce-$10/jar

Low Sugar Raspberry Jam- $8/jar

Winter Squash- Butternut $4 for large $2small

                        Delicata $2 for large $1small

English Cheese Pumpkin- $5

CT Field Pumpkin-$5

OK. That's it.  Look for CSA note today or tomorrow. And get your order in by 8am tomorrow.

best to you all,