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A little taste of spring and summer

Posted 2/22/2018 5:41am by David Zemelsky.

Dear seekers of good food,

Joel Here

How about the weather to start the week.  I was personally soaking in the sun and wearing shorts.  Yes, it was a view of what's to come and a bit of a tease as well.  Now I find myself looking at a wet cold day and trying to remember to wear enough layers.  Oh how a day can change things.

However, there are plenty happenings down on the farm to brighten up your day.  Last week I directed seeded our first crops for the 2018 season and they are beginning to sprout already.  Some Kale, Arugula, radishes, turnips and a few specialty Asian greens.  We'll even be planting some of the kale and choy that we started in January.  We'll be tucking them into the side of the high tunnels, setting them up with some row cover to stay warm and maybe even singing them a little song.


We'll be offering the following items this week.  Here they are:

Spinach: Two kinds, so let me know which one.  Gazelle,a smooth leaf that is totally packed with sweetness.  Green in color and rich in taste.  Red Kitten has a red stem.  Also, incredibly sweet. Either bag is $6/bag

Salad- with some of the above spinach, kale, claytonia, pak choi.  It is so satisfying to eat fresh salad.  And as an added boost, try getting Lino's special balsamic vinegar that he keeps in a big stainless steel container.  $6/bag

Baby Kale- Sweet as the winter is cold, Now I know I said last week that I wouldn't have anymore this week but I should be able to accommodate any orders. $6/bag

Claytonia- aka miner's lettuce. Gained it's notoriety as the source of winter time vitamin C to the Miner's during the Gold Rush   David calls it his winter warrior by far an epic and unique winter green. $6/bag

Red French Fingerling Potatoes- I'd either roast these with olive oil and salt or boil in water.  Either way, you're going to understand why the potato is the number one vegetable going. $5/lb

Carrots- direct from the Carrot Scientist own special field.  We're beginning to run to the end of our supply so mostly just purple.  It's possible that the supply will run out so it's a first come first serve.  However, fear not as the wonderful bounty of spring is not far off. 5$/lb

Northfordy's Famous Tomato Sauce $10/jar

Come to the shed after 2pm tomorrow.  Its going to be cold later, so make sure to pick up your order before it gets too cold.

Please get your order in by 8am Friday.

Thanks and Take Care


PS stay tuned for an announcement on the 2018 CSA