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Being A Grandparent Means That I Can Forget Sometimes (and its ok)

Posted 2/8/2018 11:13pm by David Zemelsky.


I'm going to play the grandparent card.  And I'm not ashamed, either.  On Monday, my daughter Rye and her wife Lauren had their second child.  She's a girl, like the first one, Frida.  Everyone is doing great.  And, as a result here it is late on Thursday night and suddenly realized no letter yet.  I'm hoping that those of you who would like something from us- that you'll be checking your mail first thing in the AM.  If so, and you want something, please write back immediately.  My apologies for thinking that grandchildren are the living end of wonderfulness.

To get you all into the reality that Spring is really coming, I'm offering the following picture:

Those two green things that you are looking at are baby carrot plants that are growing outside under low tunnels.  Low tunnels are just a smaller version of high tunnels, (which we have 4 of).  If you were to look out upon our fields now, you'd saw numerous rows of these low tunnels.  4 long rows are devoted  to baby carrots and the rest are full of spinach.  These carrot plants were planted in mid November and we should be seeing fresh early carrots by May sometime.  All done under the direction of the Carrot Scientist.

We'll be offering the following items this week.  Here they are:

Spinach: Two kinds, so let me know which one.  Gazelle,a smooth leaf that is totally packed with sweetness.  Green in color and rich in taste.  Red Kitten has a red stem.  Also, incredibly sweet. Either bag is $6/bag

Salad- with some of the above spinach, kale, claytonia, pak choi.  It is so satisfying to eat fresh salad.  And as an added boost, try getting Lino's special balsamic vinegar that he keeps in a big stainless steel container.  $6/bag

Red French Fingerling Potatoes- I'd either roast these with olive oil and salt or boil in water.  Either way, you're going to understand why the potato is the number one vegetable going. $5/lb

Carrots- direct from the Carrot Scientist own special field.  Purple and orange mix.  You'll fall under the Carrot Scientist guarantee.  If you don't jump up in the air after trying these, with delight, we'll refund your money.  To date, there's been no complainers.  I expect nothing less from you.  $5/lb

Northfordy's Famous Tomato Sauce $10/jar

Come to the shed after 2pm tomorrow.  Its going to be cold later, so make sure to pick up your order before it gets too cold.

Please let me know by 10AM tomorrow if you'd like something.  See? A two hour grace period!  Again, sorry for the late notice.