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Let's Remember: First Winter and Then Spring

Posted 1/31/2018 9:12am by David Zemelsky.


Last week, I mentioned that once we reached 10 hours of daylight, that our crops would again start to grow at a steady pace.  That benchmark happened yesterday.  The length of the day today (Wednesday) will be 10 hrs 2minutes! In my mind, it is already Spring.  In fact, if you were to look in our basement and see the small kale, tomato, parsley and thyme plants, it is easy to realize that the next season is already here.  But lets try to stay in the moment.  After all, life is what is in front of us.  For that reason, I am enjoying watching what is (small healthy plants) and at the same time what will be (food!)  Its a difficult trick and I haven't learned it all, yet.

These are Juliet Tomato plants.  Juliet is the amazing tomato, small and firm, no water to speak of. Great to eat either raw or cooked.  Makes great dried tomato, too.  We're growing these big, so that if you wanted one, they'll be enormous by mid-May.

Red Russian Kale- these are going to be wonderful for making salad or just cooking in a pan.

Having said all this, we must look to the future.  The immediate future.  Its going to be of moderate temperature today and tomorrow.  Not so, for Friday.  Therefore, it is only going to work to harvest on the first two days.  Also, anything that stays in the shed for too long-it will freeze.  If you'd like some of our offerings this week, we're going to go with a Thursday 8AM cutoff and come get it Thursday after 2pm in the shed.   For those of you who can't make it here on Thursday, let me know and I'll put your order out on Friday(just give me a time).

Here's what we can offer for you this week:

Famous carrots (well, they are to me). Last week, I offered anyone a refund if they didn't jump up in the air with delight upon trying them.  Not one taker did I have. $6/bag

Salad- a hearty Wintery mix, with spinach, kale, claytonia $6/bag

Spinach- extremely sweet (extremely) $6/bag

French Fingerling Potatoes- $5/bag(lb) This little gems will please you.

Northfordy Tomato Sauce- one of the best, we've ever tried.  Made by our neighbor, Farmer Peter.  I'm just selling them for him as a neighborly gesture. $10/jar

Watch this list grow as the Spring comes on.  Its a beautiful sight.

One moment to brag.  Our son, Aaron Torrison (founder of Torrison Stone and Garden) put in a breathtaking step of front steps for us.  Please check them out whenever you drive by.  He, and his school boy friend of many years, Aaron Kestenbaum are partners in the landscape/painting business. (Actually, they do a wide range of things, too  numerous to list here.  If you need something done at your house, they are ready to do it.) Reasonably priced, too.   Contact info:  860 388 7774  or THESTONESCAPECOMPANY.COM