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Winter Solitice on the Horizen

Posted 12/20/2017 6:56am by David Zemelsky.

Well what can one say about this year

It's certainly been epic, full of ups and downs both on and off the farm.  There have been challenges, some we've asked for and some which we will gladly face despite they're taking us by surprise.  With the holiday season upon us and Winter only a day away I suppose it is important to remember life's strange balance.  The good and the bad, the light and the dark, the Winter and the Summer. 

As this my fourth season on the farm winds down despite any hardships I know I'm very fortunate to be where I am.  Starlight Gardens and yes all of you great people who have supported us now and in the past have been a big part of that.  As I watch the sunrise on this the last day of fall for 2017 I want to personally say Thank You all and wish happiness and prosperity to you and yours.

At Starlight we're trying to tie up loose ends around the farm.  A little cleaning and organization here, some last minute planting and weeding there.  All the while I can't ignore that feeling of excitement in my stomach.  Much like a child anticipates all the wonder and joys of the Holidays.  I know soon enough I'll be trouncing around in the March mud, starting our first seedlings indoors and broad forking in the high tunnels for the season's first tomatoes.  I hope you're all looking forward to 2018 and Starlight Gardens being a part of it, we are certainly hoping to make it a great season.

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Thanks and Enjoy