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A late fall snow

Posted 12/12/2017 6:39am by David Zemelsky.

Joel here

Love it or hate it there's a certain je ne sais quoi to the first snow of the year.  Though this is a bit early for my personal taste.  The irony being as a farmer an insulating layer of snow is desirable to protect the soil from winter's cold.

It's hard to complain about snow in December and something tells me that we better get used to.  But I would like to propose this trade to old man winter.  How about early December snow for an early spring this sounds like a deal to me.

Speaking of deals we are keeping them going on the farm for your enjoyment this week

We're sure that you're a little sore from the shoveling so for your anti inflammatory needs we're offering 25% Turmeric 1.50 an oz.

Beets 4lbs for 11.50

Potatoes 5lbs for 11.50

David's very own desert island tomato(Juliets) dried to flavor concentrated perfection.

Usually $5/oz  now $10 for 3oz

Sweet Baby Kale, the first cutting on this planting

$6/bag  Double size bag for $10

Even sweeter carrots

Buy 1lb for $5 get 1.5lb

Also available

Salad Greens-with baby kale, mizuna, spinach and lettuce $6/bag

Arugula $6/bag

Braising Greens $6/bag

Baby Spinach- $6/bag.

Tokyo Bekana- a good green for stir fries $6/bag

Big Kale- lacinato Limited supply

Ginger Some price variation.  Fresh ginger from Star Light bears no resemblance to what you'd get at Stop N Shop.  This ginger is so much more tasty. $1/oz

From Farmer Peter we have the following:

Herb bunches $2/each /mint/sage/thyme and oregano

Bay HERB $4

Pickled Beets- $9/qt

Raspberry Jam, low sugar $8/jar

Winter squash: $4 each Butternut

Tomato Sauce-the very best.  $10/jar

Thanks and Enjoy