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Thanksgiving and Thanks-Giving

Posted 11/20/2017 9:21am by David Zemelsky.


Although, we won't be done with the season for several more weeks, it does seem the right time to thank all of you for taking the time to listen to my letters each week and come to our "store".  It isn't the usual kind of store , I'll grant you that.  Some of you are good friends of ours, and some of you I've only met once or twice.  But, the store works.  Everyone who orders gets great food and the mistakes, so far have been very few.  For all of that, I say gratefully- Thank You.

Because of Thanksgiving Week, we're going to have the store be on Tuesday. That would mean that I need your orders emailed back to me by 8AM tomorrow. November 21.

The other thing about this week is a bunch of specials to consider.  For both Spinach and Braising Greens, we're going to do the following.  I'll leave out a large bin of each.  For $8 you can fill one of our plastic bags (I'll leave them out for you) just as full as you want.  Every bag,we'll donate $2 to the Soup Kitchen in Middletown.  You can actually get a lot in one bag.

Here's the complete list

Spinach Extravagance! $6 for all you can fit in one of our bags

Braising Greens-again $6.  One of those items that is extra great, but not tried as much as some other things.  There is so much full flavor here.

Salad Greens $6 a bag

Thyme and Sage- $3/bunch.  The best fresh herbs to look for at Thanksgiving

Fingerling Potatoes- $5/lb.  However if you buy 5 or more lbs, the price goes to $3/lb.  Our potatoes have made great Aunts and twice removed cousins swoon at the dinner table.  Specify rose/red or yellowy/white. Either way, you'll love these delicate ones

Carrots-  these are the yayas.  Orange, sweet and snappy.  You can hear someone bite into them even if they're in the other room.

Big Kale-for those side dishes that you'll need to consider or our famous Kale Salad, marinated in fresh lemon $4/bunch

Fresh Ginger-$1oz.  To be very boring, this ginger bears no resemblance to the bland stuff you can pick up at Stop N Shop.  One of our pets, after smelling it, has yet to come down out of the air

Turmeric-$2oz for virtually everything, including chutney, seasoning side dishes. Turmeric is also looked on as something to help reduce inflation in joints.

Garlic- $2.50/head.  Simply put-I love our garlic

Beets -$4/lb.  These are not bitter like some beets.  Roasted? You can't really top it for a side dish.  We also have chiagia guardsmark , they are candy striped.  One red, one white , one red , one white, etc.  Pretty and wonderful to eat.

Tokyo Bekana- $6 for an impressively filled bag. A Chinese Cabbage.  Succulant, sweet and wonderful for both salads or braising greens

That's our list.  In looking ahead, we'll be offering things from the store right up to Christmas.  January is usually our off month, but one never knows with farmers.

To all of you, Ty and I hope that your Thanksgiving measures up to all of your hopes and dreams.

Best to you,