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Let's Stick With Thursday

Posted 11/8/2017 8:28am by David Zemelsky.


I like Thursday.  No one's complained about it, so lets just stick with that day.  If you are a shed customer and Thursday just won't work, let me know-we'll make something work for you.

A lot of people will say to me at this time of year, "Things must be slowing down for you".  That just isn't the case.  It's true, there aren't tomatoes to rule my life like they did in August (and did they ever!).  But ever since mid-September, we've been busy clearing the houses of tomato and pepper plants and transitioning to all greens.  Some of the Fall choices are great for moderate cold, but tend to turn to mush when the temperature drops to 28 or lower.  Mizuna, a very popular Asian Green is like that.  Lettuce is another one.  My best producing and staying greens for Winter production are kale,spinach and claytonia.  We've got a great supply of all three of these going right now.  The claytonia probably won't be ready till late January.  Spinach and kale-they're ready right now.  I can't begin to explain to you how totally amazing greens taste as the weather turns colder.  The best that I can say- they're so alive.  It should also be noted that everything taste like that at this time of year.  Cold weather helps produce extra carbohydrates in greens, carrots and beets.  The best way to understand this is that when it gets cold, a plant perceives that there's danger or even death.  In order to compensate for this, they produce extra carbs (think sugar).  So that will enhance the taste and make everything sweeter.

In addition to all this activity, we're also putting a new "skin" on a house.  Skin is just another word for the plastic covering on top of the hoops.  In this case, we hadn't intended to have to do this.  However, while doing repairs, Joel found himself with a 100' x 50' plastic sail ripping off the house.  In one small way, it wasn't a real tragedy cause the plastic was old and needed to probably be replaced anyway.  Also, I am taking the opportunity to upgrade the way the plastic is held to the hoops.  The new system has a long channel of metal that runs the length of the house.  The plastic is put over this channel and then we have a long "wiggle wire" that nicely fits inside the channel and locks the plastic in.  This upgrade also eliminates wood, which eventually rots and replaces it with steel.  Nice system.

Here's some photos that I just took this morning.  This will give you an idea about how alive and vibrant the greens are right now.

The wiggley wire on top holds the new plastic in the channel which is below the wire.

This might give you an idea about how lush it is inside the hoop houses right now.  From left to right: red russian kale, toyko bekana and mibuna.  All wonderful for a fresh salad or braising

A closer look at red russian.  It is light,and very flavorful.  One could easily make a salad just out of red russian, alone.

Lightly braised, these greens would work well with anything underneath them, like chicken, tofu,or fish

Tokyo Bekana here.  A type of chinese cabbage, this green is succulant, tasty and holds up well to the skillet.

Ok. To the shed: Orders should be emailed back to me by 8AM Thursday (tomorrow).  You'll find your order in the shed after 2pm.  Payment in the jar.  If there's any issue, just email me back and we'll resolve the problem.(In otherwords, please don't knock on my door!). 

Here's the list.  It is essentially last weeks list. Except that we're offering spinach as an extra special.  I'd love to have you try some.  A bag is still $6, but for $10 we'll give you a very fat pound of spinach (it will way more-promise!).

Salad Greens-with baby kale, mizuna, spinach and lettuce $6/bag

Arugula $6/bag

Spinach- $6/bag. SPECIAL- for an additional $2 you'll get another bag.(all in the same bag) Recipe to follow.

Baby Kale- $6/bag

Tokyo Bekana- a good green for stir fries $6/bag

Beets- $4/lb.  Tops are still good.  Red, Orange or Chiagia ( striped, no tops)

Potatoes-both red/pink and yellow/white $5/lb

Radishes- $3/bunch

Garlic $2.50/head. Can be used as seed garlic, if you want to plant your own

Hakeuri Turnips- eat raw like radishes.  Very wonderful and unusual taste $4/bunch

Peppers- mostly green, but also some colors. $3/lb

Big Kale- lacinato or curly. Please specify $4/bunch

Collards- $3/bunch

Daikon- $3/root

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch  This is a new crop and extra exciting

Turmeric- first of the season.  Priced  at around $3-5 a piece.  It will be marked.  Bring a few extra dollars to account for price variation. This is a really special herb to be able to get fresh.

Ginger-first of the season, too! Some price variation.  Fresh ginger from Star Light bears no resemblance to what you'd get at Stop N Shop.  This ginger is so much more tasty. $1/oz

Carrots-we're now into the Fall Carrots, which are sweet, crunchy and wonderful.  $5/bunch

From Farmer Peter we have the following:

Paw Paws: $1,small and $2 large.  See four weeks ago letter for a descriptor. I had some a few weeks ago for the first time-and they are heavenly

Herb bunches $2/each rosemary/mint/sage/thyme and oregano

Bay HERB $4

Pickled Beets- $9/qt

Raspberry Jam, low sugar $8/jar

Winter squash: $4 each Butternut or spaghetti.  Please specify

Tomato Sauce-the very best.  $10/jar

Hope you see something of interest here. And new people- get your free pint with your order this week.

Have a great Fall