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Beavers Like Fall. So Does Spinach!

Posted 10/19/2017 10:05am by David Zemelsky.


There is only time this week for me to tell you that our store is loaded-again. We've got so much wonderful spinach that there needs to be sale this week.  If you buy a regular bag of spinach this week at $6 , for another $2 you can get a second bag (we'll put both amounts in one bag to save on packaging.  Also, our Farmer Friend Peter has reduced the price on paw paws to $2 for a large and $1 for small.  Haven't talked to him, but I'm guessing that there's a lot of paw paws over there.

After looking at the list, let me know by email what you'd like by 8AM tomorrow (Friday, October 20th).  Your order will be ready by 2pm (but maybe safer to plan on 2:30pm, cause I've been late the past two weeks). Payment goes in the jar.  New people ordering get a free pint of cherry tomatoes.  Returning orders get a free pint when they order one pint. Here's the list.

Salad Greens-with baby kale, mizuna, spinach and lettuce $6/bag

Arugula $6/bag

Spinach- $6/bag. SPECIAL- for an additional $2 you'll get another bag.(all in the same bag)

Baby Kale- $6/bag

Tokyo Bekana- a good green for stir fries $6/bag

Beets- $4/lb.  Tops are still good.  Red, Orange or Chiagia ( striped, no tops)

Potatoes-both red/pink and yellow/white $5/lb

Radishes- $3/bunch

Garlic $2.50/head. Can be used as seed garlic, if you want to plant your own

Hakeuri Turnips- eat raw like radishes.  Very wonderful and unusual taste $4/bunch

Cherry Tomatoes- first pint free! $6 for the second and $10 if you want three pints.

Eggplant-a great dense and lacking in seeds variety $5/lb.

Peppers- sweet red, orange and yellow.  Amazing to roast or just eat raw $5/lb

Big Kale- lacinato or curly. Please specify $4/bunch

Collards- $3/bunch

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Turmeric- first of the season.  Priced  at around $3-5 a piece.  It will be marked.  Bring a few extra dollars to account for price variation. This is a really special herb to be able to get fresh.

Ginger-first of the season, too! Same price variation.  Fresh ginger from Star Light bears no resemblance to what you'd get at Stop N Shop.  This ginger is so much more tasty.

Carrots-we're now into the Fall Carrots, which are sweet, crunchy and wonderful.  $5/lb

From Farmer Peter we have the following:

Paw Paws: $1,small and $2 large.  See two weeks ago letter for a descriptor

Herb bunches $2/each rosemary/mint/sage/thyme and oregano

Winter squash: $4 each Butternut of spaghetti.  Please specify

Zucchini-large $2/each

Tomato Sauce-the very best.  $10/jar

Hope you see something of interest here. And new people- get your free pint with your order this week.

Have a great Fall