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The Best Is Last

Posted 10/5/2017 9:57am by David Zemelsky.


That's why Thanksgiving is at the end of the season.  Everything is around then.  True, some are a bit more tired (like tomatoes) but there's lots of it.  Others are just coming into their own.  I'd include carrots, peppers, ginger, spinach to name but a few.  And what about how warm and comforting the sun feels at this time of the year?  One knows, it might be hot for a while, but there's no chance of the day building up into a huge furnace.

Our CSA will start this week.  Its not too late.  This is a great opportunity to get a lot of good food for a better price.  Each week, you'll get $40 worth of things for $33.

On to the store. We'll have a nice spread this week.  As usual,to be boring here's how the store works.  Read the list and email me back what you'd like by 8AM tomorrow (October 6th).  Your order will be in the shed with your name and the amount after 2pm tomorrow.  Self service. Put payment in the jar.  Checks ok.  Got that out of the way!

Let's start with what our neighbor, Peter has to offer.  I asked him to write about paw paws because many of you might not be familiar.  Here's what he wrote:

Paw-paw is a forgotten native North American fruit. Keep at room temperature until it softens, then peel or half and scoop out the delicious custard-like flesh that has hints of vanilla, banana, and mango. Grow your own paw-paw trees by planting the large seeds.

You can get a small paw paw for $1.50 or a larger one for $2.50

Also from Peter:

Northfordy Tomato Sauce $10

Winter Squash: delicata,spaghetti and butternut. Please specify $!.50/lb

Herb bunches $2/each rosemary/mint/sage/thyme and oregano

Now for our products:

Salad Greens $6/bag

Spinach $6/bag  There's so much to say positive about our spinach.

Arugula $6/bag

Mizuna $6/bag Light and delicate and small.  A great taste treat.

Beets  $4/lb.

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Big Kale $4/bunch

Potatoes $5/bag Either white/yellow or pink/rose. Please specify

Cherry Tomatoes $6/pint or $10 for 2

Sun Golds $6/pint or $10 for 2

Heirloom Tomatoes $6/lb

Juliet Tomates  $6/lb

Collards $3/bunch

Eggplant $5/lb

Peppers $5/lb

Daikon $1/lb

Carrots- $5/bunch

Haukeri Turnips $4/bunch

Onions $2/lb

If there's any kind of problem with your order, text me.  860 463 0166.  Generally, I am not available after 2pm on Friday (taking an essential nap!), but will attend to any issues right away.