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Durham Fair And All Is Well. Store on Thursday This Week

Posted 9/19/2017 2:07pm by David Zemelsky.


It would be an exaggeration to really feel that all is well.  But the Fair is fun, especially if one has grandchildren (who are expecting us to come through with endless dollars to feed them and to help them throw little hoops at funny animals so that they can get equally  funny and useless fuzzy creatures).  What else should be fun this year about the Fair is that I am to be a judge at the Vegetable Competition this year.  In a big way, its really weird.  It really is.  Blue ribbons go to the vegetable that looks the best.  And if you are showing more than one, they should look as close to each as possible.  I think there should be a judging on the flavor.  But I'm looking forward to it, anyway.  The people who run the Vegetable Department are very dedicated and hard working people with only great intentions.

Our CSA is now collecting members.  If you'd like to join, just go to the home page on the website (starlightgardensct.com) and find CSA Fall 2017.  It's $200 for 6 weeks.  You'll be saving $36 by  going the CSA route.  CSA will be on Friday, also.  If you have trouble thinking about collecting your order, we have a working relationship with a delivery service that will be able to get your order and bring to your house for $10 each time.  This service is very reliable.  We use them for getting orders to our restaurants.  Ask me, for more details

We're going to open the store Thursday this week, because of the Fair.  Thursday is light and you'll easily be able to get in and out with not much trouble.  Place your order(via email) by Thursday 8AM. It'll be ready after 2pm on Thursday.  Checks ok.  Self service.  If you come after dark, bring a light.

I've got a handful of watermelons.  They're a $1/lb, so if you want one be prepared to spend from $5-10/each depending on the weight.  If you cut them open and they aren't ripe- I'll refund your money.  When you arrive at the shed, they'll be marked. These are truly awesome melons with seeds.  Sugar Babies. A real remarkable eating experience. Supply is limited, so be prepared for disappointment.

Pea Tendrils- $6/bag

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Cherry Tomatoes-$6/pt.  2 for $10.  These are awesome and beautiful

Sun Golds- $6/pt

Heirlooms -$6.50/lb

Juliet Tomatoes $6.50/lb

Beets- $4/lb

Collards- $3/bunch

Big Kale (if you want Lacinato, just say)  $4/bunch

Potatoes (specify if you want yellow/white or rose/red) $5/1lb bag

Sun dried Tomatoes  $5/oz

Peppers-mostly yellow and orange, some red $5/lb

Eggplants- $5/lb

Garlic -$2.50head

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Daikon $2.50/lb

Thyme, Sage bunches $2/each

Northfordy's Very Famous Tomato Sauce- $10

Carrots $5/bunch

And from Farmer Peter we have:

Heirloom Beans $4/lb

Shallots $5/pt.

Corn $.50/ear

Turnips -$1lb.

Mexican Sunflwers $1/stem

Paw Paws - a really cool treat. Fruity and delicious $3/a fruit

Hope you see something you'd like.