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Watch The Tomatos Fall

Posted 9/14/2017 10:03am by David Zemelsky.

My favorite cooking experiences center around discovery and improvising. If you have great ingredients then it is possible to create something wonderful on the spot.  That happened last night. At dusk, I went out and collected some things: a few peppers, two carrots, three onions, garlic and Tiger Eye Tomatoes.  No idea about what I was going to do with them except that there was some chicken defrosting and some rice cookiing,that would figure in.  Once back in the kitchen, I figured out the beginning of a plan and began working.  In a wok, the chicken was placed along with sesame oil, olive oil and some orange juice.  This was fried until the pink of the meat was gone.  Once that was done, they were removed to a bowl.  Then came the onions with a bit more sesame oil and olive oil.  After they were translucent (about 7 minutes), they were removed to the same bowl.  Then came the peppers and smashed garlic.  When they become soft enough (matter of taste), the ingredients in the bowl were reincorporated in the wok.  A touch more orange juice was added at the last minute.  It ended up delicious and also glorious to look at along side of freshly cooked brown rice.  My point is merely that one can have fun in the kitchen by letting recipes evolve.

On the farm this week, its all about planning and planting for the Fall and Winter.  Yesterday, we began taking out tomato plants in order to make room for spinach and other greens.  In a way, it is sad to take these plants out.  They've been an integral part of each day since planting them from seed way back in January.  As a result, we're loaded with sun golds for the Friday Shed Time and the Saturday Market.  Don't worry though, there's still plenty of tomatoes left to enjoy.

Spinach is relating well to the change in weather.  Here's a progress report on spinach-note photo below.  Maybe we'll have something to offer next week, but certainly the week after.

If you'd like to order something this week, let me know by 8AM Friday (9/15) via email.  Your order will be waiting for you after 2pm on Friday at our shed to the left of our house at 54 Fowler Ave. in Durham.  Self service. Cash preferred, but checks are ok, too if need be.

We'll have the following available:

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Braising Greens-with Asian varieties, including spicy mustard $6/bag



Garlic- $2.50/head

Beets- $4/lb

Baby Beets with Greens $4/bunch.


Pea Tendrils-$6/bag Back, now that the season has turned cooler!  Great for sandwiches, pea tendril pesto, asian cooking.

Big Kale, Including Lacinato $4/bunch.  If you want curly, let us know

Potatoes -both Red Finn or Yellow Banana. Both are fingerling variety.  Specify,if you care more for one  than the other. $5/lb

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Collards $3/bunch

Carrots- $5/lb

Juliet Tomatoes- $6.50/lb

Wapsipinicon- $3.50/lb

Sun Golds-SPECIAL $6/pint and 2 pints for $9 or 3 pints for $12


Sun-dried Tomatoes- $5/oz.  A tasty treat that would also make a great birthday or any other occasion present

Thyme  or Sage bunches -$2/bunch.  Specify which one

And from Farmer Peter we've got

Famous Northfordy Tomato Sauce $10

Heirloom Beans $4/lb

Shallots $5/pt.

Corn $.50/ear

Turnips -$1lb.

I hope you see something you'd like.  I'll be writing an announcement  explaining our Fall CSA.  If the idea appeals to you, let me know right away.  This is a great opportunity to get a steady supply of great food.  This CSA will run for 6 weeks, starting the first week in October.  Watch for the information to arrive in your in box very soon.

Have a great week