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Act Like A Busy Ant

Posted 9/7/2017 8:16am by David Zemelsky.

Its all about the Fall now on the farm.  We're still getting Summer tomatoes,but our focus has suddenly switched to preparing soil beds and planting things that still have time to be harvested this Fall.  Let me amend that just slightly.  There are two important things that we'll plant this Fall that won't be harvested until next year.  The first is garlic.  It will get planted from mid-October to mid November.  The second thing is carrots.  I've always been fascinated with wintering over baby baby carrots that start  growing again once the light returns.  There is a formula for when to plant late carrots that I just learned yesterday.  It centers around the amount of light in the day.  One should plant carrots no earlier than 12 weeks before the return of  10 hours of daylight.  For us, that is around January 28th.  So counting backwards 12 weeks from that gives us a planting date of no earlier than November 6th.  From experience, I can tell you that if you plant earlier than 12 weeks, one's carrots will go to seed rather than produce a nice root.  This is especially true for dark purple carrots because of their primitive nature.  Farmer's aren't particularly competitive with each other, however, there is a certain satisfaction when one has the first tomato or the first carrot of the season.  I don't mind being among the first with the carrots  Another benefit is that it is so obvious when the light goes above 10 hours.  Its as if a switch gets turned on inside the plant and growth resumes again.  Little things that make the Winter even brighter.

Quick progress report on spinach-its growing.  Earlier this week, I cultivated it.  There are already true leaves in some places.  Another month or less till we can offer it to you.

There's a lot of offerings this week for the store.  Redundant reminders to follow: Send me your order by 8AM on Friday, September 8th.  Your order will be ready around 2pm on that Friday in the shed next to our house at 54 Fowler Ave.  Cash preferred, but checks are ok if need be.  Self service and put payment in the payment jar.  If I make a mistake on your order, just send me an email and we'll work something out.  Don't knock on the door as I'm probably very done for the day.  I will help you out-just email me.

Salad Greens- $6/bag


Mustard Greens- $5/bag spicy and a bit different (in a wonderful way). Great to add to salads or braise lightly as a side dish

Peppers- $5/lb

Eggplant-$5/lb  These are glorious Italian eggplants with delicious pulp.  They make fantastic eggplant parmesean!

Daikon Radish- $2.50/lb For roasting, pickling.  Look up other ideas

French Fingerling Potatoes- $5/lb.  New and delicious crop

Big Lacinato Kale, (or curly,just let me know) $4/bunch


Beets $4/lb

New Beet Greens with baby beets- $4/bunch Beet greens are amazing lightly pan fried.  The baby beet size various from decent to microscopic. 

Radishes- $3/lb.  These are funny shaped, but taste great.  I'd recommend them.

Carrots- $5/bunch

Garlic- $2.50/head

Cherry Tomatoes- $6/pint

Wapsipinicon-$7 for 2/lbs.  I hope that those of you who tried them last week or now believers.  At the Farmer's Market on Saturday, people were literally jumping in the air(I'm not kidding!) when they tasted them

Juliets-$6.50/lb Still my Desert Island tomato(the one that I'd take, if I could only choose one to take to a desert island

Sun-dried Tomatoes- $5/oz.  A tasty treat that would also make a great birthday or any other occasion present

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

And from our friend and farmer/neighbor Peter we have:


Northfordy Famous Sauce- $10

Yellow Snap Beans- $4/lb.

Summer Squash- $1.50/lb

Herb Bunches -$2/bunch.  Please choose from thyme, rosemary, oregano or mint.

That's our list.  Hope you find something that you'd like. For those of you who donated money to relief efforts in Houston in exchange for salad, thank you. 

Have a great week.