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The Eclipse and the Wadsworth Mansion Open Air Market

Posted 8/23/2017 9:15am by David Zemelsky.


What impressed me the most about the eclipse wasn't how spectacular it looked both on t.v.(which it was-very spectacular) or how it looked through our pin hole viewer(and it did, too. even though the image was so tiny. I got very excited). What impressed me the most was that despite each crowd having a very divergent opinion on any number of subjects going on in the world, that there was a commonality amongst them all.  Our country seems so divided all the time.  It was refreshing to find something to agree upon.

We'll be at the Wadsworth Mansion Open Air Market this Sunday, August 27th from 10AM to 4PM.  This wonderful outdoor event has always been one of my favorite days.  Its a little long from the vendor's point of view, but never the less, I've met great people and everyone has always been so enthusiastic about our tomatoes.  There'll be musical event and activities for children.  There are craftpeople, as well.  Here's the website for further details: http://wadsworthmansion.com/

There'll be a few new things available from the store this week.  I'll get into them shortly.  First, how the store works (For new people).  If you see something on this list that you'd like to get, just email me back your items.  I need to get them by 8AM on Friday (August 25th).  You can pick your order up at our shed after 2pm that Friday.  Cash preferred, but a check if you need  to.  Your order will have your name on it.  Payment goes in the jar on the table.  Its a good system that helps you get what you need (or want)

Ok. Here's the new items.  Peppers. Finally.  This has been a long wait, for sure.  They're $5/lb. and totally delicious and crunchy.  Very thick walls.  If you'd like a half lb. , just let me know. 

Eggplant is next.  Supply is limited for now, so I'll sell them untill I run out.  Hopefully, that would include you.  $5/lb

Wapsipinicon- 2lbs for $7.  I'm really hoping that all of you will develop a taste for them. They are special (and funny looking)

Actually, in this picture, the color doesn't look to dull.  But they are dull colored-take my word for it.  And still, the taste is the best.

Juliet-our wonderful tomato for all your needs.  Uncooked or cooked, this is your go to tomato.  2lbs for $7

A 5 lb  flat of seconds-$15.  You'll be getting a mix of wonderful heirlooms. There'll be some kind of split or something, nothing really serious.  However, I wouldn't forget picking them up either!

Heirlooms- 2lbs. for$7

Sungolds- the cherry tomato that is profondly sweet and satisfying. $6/pint

Black Cherry- our more than sophisticated cherry tomato $6/pint

Pink Tye-dyed Berkeley- a new variety.  Very nice texture, and flavor with a sweet that works for me.  2lbs for$7

Sun-dried Juliets-NEW!.  They actually are dried in a dehydrator, but its fun to say "sun-dried".  This is a taste treat. Makes for a good surprise present for someone, too. $5/oz.

Big Kale- $4/bunch. And its a BIG bunch.  If you'd like lacinato, please specify

French Fingerling Potatoes - $5/lb.  They'll be freshly dug and wonderful

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Arugula $6/bag  A successful crop

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Green Onions- these are more small onions with nice tops that are very edible$2.50/bunch

Garlic- just out of the ground $2.50/bulb

Beets- $4/bunch

Green Onions- $2.50/bunch.  These are more like small onions, with nice, edible tops.

Beet Greens- $3/bunch.  These are from our newest patch of beets.  Lightly cooked beets are a good thing.

Pink and Red Bumble Bee-now these are fun to look at and eat.  You'll get all the shapes in the photo. $6/pint

Spring Tower- a truly unique lettuce grown specifically for its core.  The greens are delicious, too.  Usually, the core is bitter, but this core is sweet, crunchy and exciting. $3/head

Lettuce Heads- again, crunch and sweet.  Lovely leaves. $2.50/head

Carrots- $5/bunch

Daikon Radish- fun to pickle or grate over salad. $2.50/root.

And again, our list from Farmer Peter

Marvel of Venice Italian heirloom snap beans, fabulous when sautéed with onion and tomato or my sauce $4lb,

NEW Cantalopes $5/each

Gladiolas $1each,

Rhubarb $5 lb,

Shallots $5 half Pt,

Herb Bunches: thyme, mint, oregano $2/bunch

Famous Northfordy Tomato Sauce $10/jar

Have a great week.