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Sungolds Lead A Serious Life

Posted 8/3/2017 5:50am by David Zemelsky.


We're there.  Its been a six month voyage from starting seed to getting an avalanche of tomatoes.  At this point, it would be difficult to estimate the volume of sungolds that I've consumed.  But let's put it this way, it would probably be measured in gallons, rather than pints.  Its been said by me many times over the year"I haven't met a sungold that wouldn't distract me to stop what I'm doing and eat it".  They're just that good.There were several extra pounds last week.  I saw that as an opportunity to dry them in the dehydrator.  They are so awesome, too.  Later, in the year, they'll be offered for sale.  Now its time to eat fresh.

Can you get a feeling about how tall these plants are? Easily 12'.  And when you think of just starting with one little seed over six months ago-kind of takes ones breath away

We're up to 15 on the woodchuck count.  Doesn't that sound like a lot of woodchucks for such a small area?  To date, none of the ones that were caught have come back.

Here's info about the store for this week.  To be redundant to those who already know and to let those who've never ordered before-here's what you can do.  Its easy.  Write back to me(starlightgardens@comcast.net) before 8AM on Friday August 4th with what you'd like from our list.  After 2pm that day, come to the shed and you'll find your order marked with your name and the amount owed.  Cash preferred and bring exact.  Checks if you need to.

Sun Golds- there's nothing else left to say.  They're here and they'll make you swoon from how good they are. $6/pt

Black Cherry- a more sophisticated taste, kind of like a musty, rich fragrance . A real winner. $6/pint

Juliet Tomatoes -$7/lb My number one choice for when they cart me away to a dessert island and allow me one tomato variety to take with me.  Great raw or cooked.

Heirlooms- they have just started to come in.  So far, a terrific and exciting crop. The amount might be limited, so hope for the best $7/lb

Beets- still the most exciting vegetable in the world.  Try them roasted with olive oil and kosher salt $4/bunch

Collards- $3/bunch. So well liked by so many people

Big Kale- $4/bunch.  These are serious serious bunches.  They'll hold you for a while.  If you'd like lacinato, plese specify

Cucumbers- $1.50

Green onions $3/bunch

Radishes $3/bunch.  These are nice and crunchy and a bit spicy

Garlic- new garlic? Can not fathom a good way to describe how wonderful garlic can be $2.50/head

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Yaya- the only carrot you'll ever need $5/bunch

And from my farmer friend Peter, we're offering the following:

Marvel of Venice snapbeans $5 lb

Shallots $4 half Pt

Bunches of thyme, oregano, mint $2

Northfordy Famous Tomato Sauce $10/jar

We'll be back with salad and arugula shortly.  The hot weather made this somewhat difficult.

Have a great week.