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Remember To Floss(After Eating Sun Golds)

Posted 7/27/2017 10:49am by David Zemelsky.


The subject line is probably most for me.  With the tomato harvest just beginning, there isn't much time left in the day to do the important things. So I'm leaving a reminder to myself-don't forget to floss.  Sounds simple to say, harder to remember.   When things get busy, don't loose sight of the fact that its "all the small stuff."

We are, as indicated above on the very edge of seeing real heirloom tomatoes.  Sungolds and juliets are now in abundance. And for that reason, we'll be going to the Durham Farmer's Market this afternoon to deal with any extra tomatoes that we have.  Please drop in between 3-6pm.  I'd love to see all of you and not just keep meeting electronically.  Come on down.  We've got a white tent with green agricultural messages on top.  See you there.

For tomorrow's store, here's the list.  There'll also be an additional list from my friend Peter.  You should check it out, as he has some pretty interesting things that we don't deal with.


Big Kale- a big kale and a big bunch.  I am really big.  Please specify , if you'd like lacinato (which we can do).  $4/bunch

Radishes- the roxanne radish is all that you'd ever want in a radish.$3.50

Garlic-fresh out of the ground and so what garlic is about. $2.50/head

Bunching Green Onions- they almost blush, they're so tasty $2.50/bunch

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Yaya Carrots- $5/bunch  Sweet crunchy and healthy

Sun Golds- I believe that I've said it all about these beauties $6/pint

Black Cherry Tomatoes- a very sophisticated taste.  Savory, musty and complex.  Someone who writes about good wines would have fun describing the taste of Black Cherry $6/pint

Juliet- These are my Desert Island tomatoes.  The ones that I would choose if I had to be banishes to a desert island and just take one kind.  Both tasty uncooked or cooked, they will add a certain "je ne sais que" to anything.  Maybe even dessert made with chocolate.  $6.50/lb

Cucumbers- nothing like a native cuke $1.50/each

Salad and Arugula are taking a vacation this week.

Here's Peter's list:

Raspberries,$4half pint

Rhubarb, $5/lb

Shallots $5 half Pt

Calla Lilly bouquets $10

Bunches thyme,oregano, sage,applemint,peppermint, lemon balm,catnip $2  Plants of thornless blackberries, ever bearing raspberries, calla lilies $8

Paw-paw $15,

Sage, double mint, oregano plants $10,

Eggs,$3 half dozen

Amazing Tomato Sauce $10

Candied ginger at $9 bag

If anything above looks interesting for you, please email me back by 8AM tomorrow, Friday July 28th.  Your order will be waiting for you after 2pm in our shed besides our house at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham.

Next week, we hope to be able to offer heirlooms. Can't wait.

Have a great week.