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Summer- A Season You Can Count On

Posted 7/20/2017 5:17am by David Zemelsky.


For the past few weeks, I've been in this state where it seemed unbelievable that it was actually Summer.  Wasn't it just Winter a few weeks ago.  Then, corn became available, so that should have been some kind of hint. Can't get local corn in February.  But finally, over the past few days, the heat has convinced me-it really is Summer.

Part of what happens to a farmer is that they may be living in one season, but they're already thinking towards the next.  A good example of this would be our Fall carrots.  We're planting them now.  A lot of this has fallen on Joel's shoulders.  He's been bed prepping in our lowest hoop house right through this hot weather.  With some skill and a lot of luck, we'll be able to offer you carrots right through the end of the year.

Summer just means an amazing opportunity to make outstanding food to eat.  If you have great ingredients-everything else will follow.  I'll easily illustrate this for you with the photo below.  It tells the whole story.

I didn't even try to make this gorgeous-it did it all on its own.  The big tomato near the middle-its our first ripe large tomato.  Very very soon, we'll be offering them to you.

Ok. Store List.  Order by 8AM Friday (July 22).  Your order will be waiting for you with your name on it, in the shed next to our house at 54 Fowler Ave.  after 2pm.  If you come after dark, make sure to bring a light.  Payment in the jar. Cash preferred(exact change, although you might get lucky and find the right change in the jar.  Checks, if you have to. I'll understand)

Fresh 2017 Garlic- This is so the real deal.  It will straighten up anyone's taste buds. Ironclad promise. $2.50/bulb

Green Onions- with glorious tops.  You can see them in the  photo dripping over the tomatoes. $2.50/bunch

Sun Gold Tomatoes- THE cherry tomato of all tomatoes.  These are far and away the most popular (and deserving of it). Orange and sweet. $6.50/pint.  Note: supply might be limited still, so brace yourself for a possible no show.

Juliet- the red ones in the picture that are shaped like a rugby ball.  Outstanding to snack on or to cook with. Usually cooking tomatoes aren't that much fun to eat raw-not so with Juliet.  These are my Desert Island Tomatoes-the ones that if I had to pick one variety to take to a desert island, it'd be these. $7/lb

Large Kale, curly or lacinato (please specify if you have a preference). $4/bunch. It will be a very very large bunch-promise! For those of you sitting on the fence-get the kale.  You won't look back.  Refer to Carey Savona's Kale Recipe from a few weeks back.  Plus, anything that Mark Bittman puts online is so easy and tasty.

Collards- $3bunch.  Along with kale, this is a vegetable worth diving into.  Again, I refer to Mark Bittman for very easy and delicious recipes. Just put in the google box "collards, Mark Bittman".  That'll work

Salad Greens-Lettuce,Kale and Asian Mustards $6/bag

Arugula $6/bag

Pea Tendrils-$6/bag. We're running out of season for the peas.  With this hot weather, we going to wait to plant another crop when it gets cooler.

Beets- whether pickles or roasted, they are truly one of life's treasures. $4/bunch

Radishes- $3.50/bunch

New Potatoes -little, cute, memorable (in a great way) $5/lb

Swiss Chard- $3/bunch

Northfordy Tomato Sauce-just a few more jars left.  $10/jar