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We're Winning

Posted 6/15/2017 9:58am by David Zemelsky.


After lamenting last week about CHUCK'S  competence in ruining our cucumbers, I received several inquiries about what happened to CHUCK after being caught.  First off, I'm glad that there are so many of you out there concerned about the welfare of this industrious critter.  To answer the question, we trapped them in a Hav-a-heart trap.  Once captured, I would put them in the back of the truck and drive them to their new "home"-far far away from anywhere.  But before releasing them, I spray painted a patch of red on their back so that I could tell if they were coming back to our farm.  So far, all of them seem to have stayed away.  Full disclosure here.  If a chuck shows up again that has paint on its back, more desperate measures will be taken.  Use your imagination.  With the decrease in chucks, we've finally started to get some cucumbers.  These cukes are unlike others that you often find.  Full of concentrated cucumber flavor goodness and snappy texture-they're almost as good as a ripe tomato. (But darn close).

But there's more to report to you besides mammals. Much to my surprise, we're really moving along at getting things planted.  Of particular note is the ginger and turmeric.  We've been priming them since mid-March in the dark on heat mats.  The rhyzimos  are buried in coir(shredded coconut husks) and kept moist.  Eventually, they begin to sprout.  Now, they're planted in the hoop house and we should see them coming to marketable size by early September.  Its a long haul-almost half a year.  Locally grown ginger bears no resemblance to Stop N Shop ginger.  Its got the most profound aroma and taste.  You'll see.

The Store.  A word about the store.  This has become a favorite part of the work around here.  For one thing, I get to "talk" to a lot of you over the email. Also, everyone gets what they want and I get to not have any worry about wasting food.  Here's what we can offer you this week.

Pepper Plants-peppers, as you might already know, are wonderful.  These are either red, yellow or orange when mature.  All sweet bell peppers. I've got lots, so there'll be  a special  Buy one and get another for free.  $5/pot

Tomatoes-  It is absolutely not too late to plant tomatoes.  We've got Pink Berkely, Black Cherry, Sun Gold, Striped German $5/pot

Compact Genevese Basil-still the best herb going for pesto and just to make a splash on a main dish.   $5/pot

Chive Plants- great for keeping in a pot.  They last and last from year to year$5/pot

Small Lettuce seedlings- $3/pot

Thyme- this magic herb add so much to any dish.  They'll last year after year in the same place $5/pot

Cucumbers- see photo above. They're a bit pricey, but you wont' regret it $2.50/each

D'avignon Radihes $3.50/each

Braising Greens- with so many amazing flavors (both hot and spicy). As I've mentioned before, these are well worth a try to give your dinners a change up.

Arugula- spicy and glorious $6/bag

Salad Greens-with lettuce, red choi, mizamerica $6/bag

Spinach $6/bag

Chinese Cabbage- $3/head

Garlic Scapes- NEW this week.  Use where you would regular garlic.  First of the season taste of real garlic.  $4/bag

Lacinato or Curly Kale (please specify)- I felt that many of you really gave my kale salad idea a fair shot.  Kale will be with us for a long time $4/bunch

Swiss Chard- for practically anything you can think of. $3/bunch

Fresh Thyme and Sage $3/bunch

Beets-NEW this week!  $3/50/bunch

Now is the time of year when we're waiting for the tomato waterfall. That's when we have so many tomatoes that it feels like they're cascading down upon us.  We're not there yet, but inches up on it.  Today, I ate 4 sungolds.  That's a start.  My longest prediction is 4 more weeks.  We can do it!

Email me back what you'd like by 8AM Friday.  Yes, we're getting earlier on the deadline.  It is just so much easier to fill your orders, if I know sooner.  Your order will be waiting for you, with your name on it, in the shed to the left of our house at 54 Fowler Avenue after 2pm on Friday.   Please remember to pick up your order!  You'd be surprised.

That's it.  Have a great week.