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For pre-orders please email starlightgardensdurhamct@gmail.com with the items you want, date, and pick up location


Glorious Salad Greens $6/bag

Claytonia-$6 in it's heyday.  Crunchy, sweet and delicious .  Limited season, so don't wait till the last minutes

Baby Kale- pretty and sweet $6/bag

Spinach- $6/bag virtually as sweet as can be.  Cold makes for extra carbohydrates which means SWEET!.

Pea Tendrils- $6/bag world famous at this point.  Taste just like fresh peas.  Also , an awesome pesto can be made.

Braising Greens-spicy and crunchy. Awesome. Red and green looking $6/bag

Radishes- $4/bunch A bit spicy, but not too much.  Beautiful bulbs and greens.  First of the season.

Mustard Greens-spicy! $4/bunch

Koji- a beautiful cousin of tatzoi $4/bunch

Pak choi- $4/bunch.  New crop and so delicious.

Haukeri Turnips-  $4/bunch Crunchy and stupendous taste.  Can be eaten raw, too.  Limited supply.  First come, first serve.

Jen and Joel's World Famous Pickles (ok, maybe a bit over the top, but still, they are great!) $8 jar

J and J's equally famous Apple Hot Pepper Jam- Its universally accepted-this stuff is the best! $4/small and $7 / large

Seacoast Mushrooms- only available on Friday or Saturday. $4/shitake (4oz.)package or $8/chef's blend (8oz.)